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RAM Transducer Arm Mount - Open Socket

MSRP:  $45.99
RAM Transducer Arm Mount - Open Socket
MSRP:  $45.99
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Product Description and Specs

The RAM Transducer Arm Mount with Open Socket enables the quick and effective deployment and retrieval of your transducer, while protecting your transducer from damage. Perfect for kayak applications, the transducer arm can quickly be retrieved if you enter shallow water or when beaching your kayak. With little effort, the arm can quickly be moved to a different kayak and attached to an 1 in. RAM ball base. The unique design provides a universal solution for virtually any kayak as well as any transducer. Transducer sold separately.

• 18 in. rigid aluminum rod can be bent to position your transducer to its optimum viewing location
• Socket technology allows for quick raising, lowering, removal and stowage of transducer arm
• Compatible with existing 1 in. RAM ball base
• Transducer arm mount is compatible with all transducers that contain a 1/4 in. screw diameter.
Item #: 10203
Material: Aluminum/Composite
Made in: USA 
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Top Positive Review
By: Pw  Date: Jun 26, 2014 
Rating Stars
8 people found this review helpful

This is a great problem solver! No epoxy, no transducer dragging, instantly retractable for rocks, trailer bunks, weed tangles, big fish landing and transportation. Easy to install. I love it! Pw

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Top Critical Review
By: Nicholas J.  Date: Apr 26, 2015 
Rating Stars
Verified Buyer
7 people found this review helpful

It seemed the ideal product but the claim that it will work with any transducer with a 1/4" mounting screw is a stretch. I have a Humminbird 597ci HD DI and the "neck" of the transducer is too short or the diameter of the mount is too big and hits the top of the transducer i.e., I can't line up the screw holes. I checked the fit guide and the 500 series is listed albeit the 597 is not specifically indicated. I suppose that I could trim or grind down the RAM mount a bit but I'm not going to. Secondly, the rigid aluminum rod is 1/2" in diameter and I need an ~80 degree bend just past the clamp. Oh, I can bend it but not with any amount of precision and I need a vise or a clamp to do it properly because it's too close to the end of the rod. Plus I'll lose some length if I have a rounded bend and I suspect that I'll only get one try if I bend at a sharp angle. That also means that I can't switch it to another kayak because the bend requirements are different between vessels. Finally, I purchased the diamond base ball mount but even when I tighten the clamp all the way, the arm still swings easily...maybe it's supposed to and I'm just used to my RAM rod holders tightening down all the way. I like RAM products but this is not universal and just doesn't work for my application.

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By: Charlie G.  Date: Jul 08, 2018 
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Verified Buyer
0 people found this review helpful

The aluminum rod should be longer to use with the yakattak cell block. the transducer barley clears the bottom of my kayak. there is a lot of air bubbles on my depth finder when paddling.

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By: Gary S.  Date: Feb 22, 2018 
Rating Stars
Verified Buyer
1 person found this review helpful

Works Great With Side Imaging transducers. I have one of these on my Native Propel Slayer 10. My fish finder is Humminbird Helix 7 SI G2. This arm works great. If I get into heavy weeds or shallow water I can get it up and out of the water in 10 seconds. The arm is an aluminum rod that can be bent to work on your kayak. I would recommend you follow the video that RAM has on You Tube. You can bend the rod on the edge of a table. It is much easier to do it in a vise if you have one. Great product and well worth the money. It will last for years and years.

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Top Question & Answer
Q: Do you bend the metal piece?
A: Yes, you bend the metal arm.
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Q: I will be lifting the transducer out of the water continuously over time. How long can I expect the aluminum in the arm to last?
Q: Anybody know if this will work for a larger transducer like the GT52 that comes with the Garmin EchoMAP 73sv?
A: Yes, this arm mount should work with that model of transducer.
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