4 Ways intermittent Fasting Helps Kayak Fishing
4 Ways intermittent Fasting Helps Kayak Fishing

4 Ways intermittent Fasting Helps Kayak Fishing


What’s up my fellow kayak fisherman. As many of you know I’m a huge believer in intermittent fasting, and I’m especially a fan of my form of intermittent fasting called, “Flex Fasting”.

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Intermittent fasting


Intermittent fasting allows us to lose weight while eating the foods we normally eat. And intermittent fasting provides a lot of other benefits to our body besides weight loss to improve our bodies and upgrade our lives. Intermittent fasting has been shown in studies to lower our blood sugar, lower our blood pressure, increase fat burning, and renew our body by renewing the cells that make up our body.


But today I am going to talk about intermittent fasting and how it helps what we all care about…kayak fishing.



  1. Gives you more energy 

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The first way intermittent fasting helps kayak fishing is by giving us more energy. The human body actually becomes more energized when it is out of food. And if you think about human evolution, you can understand why. Before we had stores and restaurants on every corner to buy food we actually had to hunt and gather our food. Hunting and gathering was the way of life for humans for most of our evolution, easily 99% of human’s existence we were hunters and gatherers. 


But of course, there were times when hunts were unsuccessful or gathering food wasn’t possible due to drought, flood, freeze, etc. This meant we were going to be going on more hunting trips, or having to travel further and longer to gather food. And since we didn’t have food to eat from our last attempt to get food, that means we were now hunting and gathering on an empty stomach. The human body is built to go out and hunt, fish and forage on an empty stomach to survive and flourish. This state of energy is often called, “Fight or Flight” mode.


On the other hand, when we eat the body goes into what’s called “Rest and Digest” Mode. Our body uses energy to digest food and shuts down the energy burst we receive when we don’t have food on our stomach. 


  1. Leaves you more time to fish

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More Time Fishing

Here is a pretty basic advantage to intermittent fasting while fishing. It leaves us more time to fish. When we aren’t stopping to eat either before, during or after our fishing we can now dedicate that time to catching more fish. Not to mention when we aren’t worried about eating while fishing we don’t have to pack food to bring on the kayak either so it saves space on our kayak too.


  1. Helps your concentration

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Better Concentration

When we’re fishing our concentration helps us to be better fishermen and catch more fish. We cast better, we listen more closely for feeding fish, we detect bites better. We also need to make a lot of decisions when fishing, what lure to throw, how long to fish a spot, how to best navigate waters to reach a destination. Intermittent fasting has been proven to sharpen our concentration, and improve brain function. 


This ties into our survival mechanism as we need a sharp mind to find food when we are in a famine state and we have to hunt or gather to find food. When we are thinking at a higher level we not only catch more fish but we also make better decisions to make us safer on the water.


  1. We lose kayak weight

Burn Fat
Burn Fat

Maybe my favorite benefit of intermittent fasting for kayak fishing is that we lose a lot of body fat and body weight if we fast while kayak fishing. Being that we use a huge amount of energy when kayak fishing our body burns up a ton of fat to give us the energy needed for a day of kayak fishing. 


Once we lose that weight our kayak fishing becomes easier the next time we kayak fish. Every pound we lose is a pound that we aren’t dragging through the water to travel in our kayak. Not to mention how much easier it is to move around the kayak when we carry less extra weight. There are many days I have started the day kayak fishing looking one way, and look totally different when I finish a day of kayak fishing with no food. The results are almost instant.

Time Flex

Those are Four Ways Intermittent Fasting Helps Kayak Fishing. My favorite method is my “Flex Fasting” method that uses the 16-8 fasting protocol where we eat for 8 hours a day, and fast for 16 consecutive hours, we can then “Flex” our fasting schedule if needed to match our daily activities. 


Start with a 12-14 hour fast and work your way up to a 16 hour fast. It will be one of the best moves you’ll ever make. Once you nail down intermittent fasting as a lifestyle it makes your life better in many ways…including your kayak fishing.


Dominate the Water, Dominate the Kayak, Dominate the Fish.


Luke Prentiss

ACK Syndicate
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