In music, the “hook” is a small phrase that is repeated multiple times throughout a song to draw in the listener.  Often the repetitiveness causes the lyrics to remain memorable.  For example, a song by Austin Texas born rapper, Cornell Iral Haynes Jr, a.k.a Nelly, in his song titled #1.

Lyrical Quote

“What does it take to be number one?

Two is not a winner and three nobody remembers (tell me).

What does it take to be number one?

Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey.”


If you haven’t heard that song, that’s okay, but trust me it’s catchy.  And, it allows me to transition to how that song correlates to the Hobie Mirage Outback.  To date, the world’s #1 selling fishing kayak with the one and only Mirage Drive 180 with Kick-Up Fin Technology is?  That’s right, the Hobie Mirage Outback.  So, what does it take to be number one?  Let me tell you why.

I’ve had multiple kayak brands, and styles in my fleet over the years; both from paddle to pedal. This has given me firsthand experience in sampling how a boat performs on the water. If I were writing this blog a few years ago; what set the Outback apart from the rest of the plastic navy would be simply put. The Mirage Drive gave you your hands back.  No questions about it.  When a tournament fisherman can keep a fishing line in the water, and cover distance while limiting fatigue; they win tournaments. That would have been the number one reason.  However, times have changed. There are many other boats manufactured that have a hands-free pedal driven setup.  Truth be told, they are also excellent fishing machines.  So why Hobie? Simple…

Pure simplicity

Step 1: Place Hobie Outback in water

Step 2: Sit down

Step 3: Insert Mirage Drive 180 with Kick-up Fins

Step 4: Deploy rudder

Step 5: Go explore

Not only has Hobie made the boat simple to use, it’s simple to enjoy.  You just get in, and with very little effort, you can go explore.  But wait, that’s not all.

Additionally, Hobie integrated fail safes to keep your boat issue free.  For starters, the kick up rudder system prevents you from being hung up on underwater obstructions.  But the biggest enhancement for 2020 was the improved feature of the kick-up fins on the Mirage drive.  This benefit allows anglers like me, to power through underwater obstacles without damaging any Mirage drive components. Hit a rock, an oyster bed, or submerged piling, and you keep going.  This can be the difference from continuing to fish or, limping back to the kayak launch with damaged parts.  I prefer to keep the fish stacking up on the stringer, and the Hobie Outback gives me the peace of mind to do just that.


Okay, I know that’s not a word.  But follow me down this rabbit hole.  Growing up, I would tag along with my jack-of-all-trades dad while he would do extra side jobs.  These jobs could be anything from fixing a friend’s car, to installing an electrical fan; even working on home HVAC systems.  Of sorts, this was my on-the-job life-training.  Or merely I was just too young to be home alone and was forced to go.  Looking back, I absolutely loved it.  But he would make comments as he worked, such as, “Why would they put this here.”  Or, “Who in their right mind would design (insert broken part xyz), and place it where no-one can reach it.”  It was almost as though the person who created the product had never used the product in a real-life setting.  There was a disconnect.

I share this story because those problems are not industry specific.  Yes, even the kayak angler community thinks from time to time. “Who in their right mind?”  With the Hobie Outback that is not the case.  This boat is designed and crafted by kayak enthusiasts and anglers alike.  Folks at Hobie who spend time on the water just like us, who know nuances around a boat. What works, and what doesn’t.  Sure, there was probably CAD involved; but I’ve found the 2020 Outback’s anglerability to be ergonomically sound. From the placement of dual H-Track Deluxe with an integrated Track system, to the comfort of the Vantage CTW seating system that you can sit comfortably for hours; it’s the details that set this boat apart.  Heck, it has deck pads for the comfort of your toes.  Or… some would say, advanced EVA pads that provide better grip, extra comfort, and improved stability while standing and sound dampening properties to catch more fish?

So, what does it take to be one?  A company history etched by the water itself. Consistency to development and design boats used by kayakers for kayakers.  And, a warranty that is unparalleled in the industry, who backs their products.  Oh, don’t let me forget, and you can stand up and fish!  That’s why I choose the Hobie Mirage Outback as my boat of choice, and I hope to see you on the water soon..


Until next edition, my friends, remember in the sport of fishing some days you catch them, while others you catch sunrise pictures of God’s country.  Both are considered a blessing.


Matt Murphy

ACK Fishing Team | Hobie Fishing Team