Jenn Nolan is extremely well known in the kayak world & is one of the newest members of the ACK Syndicate. She has proven herself as a kayaker, fisherman and community leader, regularly putting on charity events for veterans and children looking to spend time on the water. Whether you have a kayak or not, Jenn is a great person to spend a day on the water with. If you are looking to do some saltwater fishing down near Galveston, TX, I would recommend giving them a shout. You can bring your own kayak, rent or even demo a kayak you are looking to purchase. They have private access to the water and are following all sanitation guideline to make sure everything is clean and safe. No better way to spend these hot summer days than in the water!

Champions Outdoors NOT your traditional kayak rental…

The dream has been four years in the making and it is finally here. The Yak Shack at Champions Outdoors is a unique kayak rental and launch site on Highlands Bayou in Hitchcock, Texas. Carrying a wide variety of pedal and paddle kayaks, we set ourselves apart not only with the TOP branded kayaks on the market, but having the ability to launch right at our facility into a protected water way, free from high boat traffic, jet skiers, and bank fisherman to chase those inshore beasts. Experiencing the marsh from this side of the tracks is so incredibly peaceful and serene as well.
We provide all you need to enjoy your day out. At a flat rate of $100 per day, you will have your choice of mirage drive, 12-1 propel drive or paddle kayaks. Our top rentals are hot, so be sure you reserve in advance for a day out on the Hobie’s, Viking’s or Blue Sky’s. They book out QUICK. Life jackets and paddles included.
Established in 2016, our base message of promoting safety and conservation with a strong emphasis on mental health just took off. Last fall, we added the rental portion and are eager to help get you on the water. Looking to demo? We offer free demos for those ready to purchase but need to find the right fit. These are always free, however a reservation is required. This is a great way to compare multiple kayaks to ensure the right choice for YOUR adventures.
For those looking for another way to connect with us in the outdoors, you can find a variety of ways to get involved. We have well established programs for women, kids, families, veterans, first responders and active duty military that are ALWAYS FREE. We are here to help YOU become a CHAMPION outdoors and to build strong family bonds, open communication and establish overall better mental health and well grounded families while making sure you’re in the safe and proper kayak for your personal adventure. Return to the Earth with us…leave the electronics at home…there is no need for plugging anything in on one of our adventures, except to plug yourself back into nature.
You can join us with any of our group events, we currently host the following:
  • Reel Girlz
  • Heroes on the Water
  • Kidzfish2
  • Private club meet and greets
  • In-house hosted tournaments and fundraisers
Follow the staff at Champions Outdoors on facebook or visit our website here
We can’t wait to help elevate each of you to the next level of your game or in your life. Tight lines, keep it classy and love on somebody. We are an #ele nation and encourage EVERYONE to love on everyone despite our differences. Thank God for our uniqueness…I only wanna be me, everyone else is already taken 🙂
Jenn Nolan (aka Yak Girl )