Growing up in Central Texas, I have always been drawn to the rivers. Hot summer days make a little time in the water something much appreciated. I grew up in the Colorado River near Bastrop, Tx and regularly went kayaking up and down around that area. It wasn’t until I went to school at Texas State University in San Marcos that I began to realize what the rivers in the Hill Country had to offer. 

The San Marcos River is where I fell in love with kayaking and got me to start exploring more rivers. More recently I have been exploring the Upper Guadalupe River & have been blown away by the wildlife and scenery. After a few exploratory trips, I took a few buddies out that had never done much river kayaking, if any at all. 


The week before the trip, the guys start getting really excited and getting all sorts of gear they would need for our adventure. Their excitement made me even more pumped to get out there with them and show them this amazing place. 

We left Austin, TX early Friday morning and made our way out into the Hill Country with four fat-bottomed boats with us to handle the skinny water & our gear for the multi-day trip. We set off with a NuCanoe Frontier 12, NuCanoe Flint, Diablo Amigo and the Crescent Lite Tackle. All of these boats have high weight capacities & float in inches of water. This makes them great for doing over nights on sections of the Guad where the water can get pretty shallow. 

Within minutes of being in our kayaks, my buddies were giddy with excitement because of how serene and beautiful the area was. It didn’t take long for the first few spills to happen, but we had planned for this and made sure everything was strapped down to the kayak. They quickly learned how to maneuver the kayaks and make it out of some sticky situations.
We set up camp the first night at a beautiful spot, hung our hammocks and got a fire going. We hung around the fire eating dinner and making s’mores till we all crashed out ready for a long stretch the next day. Overnight the temp dropped and we were a little chilly before the sun came up. We broke down camp and got back in the water.
The second day, there were many less spills and they all seemed to get the hang of it. We passed some awesome rock canyons and went through tunnels of cypress trees that will take your breath away. The water would go from clear to turquoise to green & you could spot bass, carp and gar all throughout the river. It is a magical place that should be on everyone’s bucket list.