Austin Canoe & Kayak has just recently begun their partnership with Crescent Kayaks, made right here in the USA. These kayaks have been designed with two main goals in mind, functionality and performance. I had the pleasure of taking out the Crescent SUP+ in a variety of different waters and was very impressed with this product. 

I am not as experienced in the stand up paddle world as I am in the kayak world. Being that it was a little chilly when we went out on the water, I was slightly nervous that I would tipped off the boat. This was not the case. At 250lbs+, the SUP+ held up extremely well and made me feel very comfortable when standing. 

I really appreciated the seat and the capability to switch between sitting or standing. One day on the SUP+ i went out on Lake Buchanon when strong winds moved in,  making the water very choppy. Had I not had the ability to sit down and paddle like a kayak, the wind and waves would have made for a very challenging trip back.

Another great feature on the SUP+ is the rear skeg that is molded into the plastic. This in nice if you are in shallow water and scrape the bottom. Most paddleboards with the thin plastic fins will force you to port the boat or remove the fin in shallow water for risk of breaking it. 

The SUP+ has bungee tie-downs in the front and behind the seat that make it nice to transport gear or a small cooler. Comfortable seating angle is always something I look for in a kayak I plan to be in for a while. The seat on the SUP+, as well as the other kayaks in the Crescent line, have the ability to quickly & easily adjust the angle of the back of the seat. This is great for me because I like to switch my seat angle throughout the day to change which muscle groups I am using to paddle; shoulders, arms, back…

Overall, this is a great, well-made SUP that is not only functional and performs well, but looks amazing with the wood-style deck mat. There is plenty of room to move about the deck as you fish the lake or the shoals, as well as multiple YakAttack tracks for mounting rod holders, gopros, trolling motors, or power poles. 

This kayak/SUP is perfect for someone who wants to go out for a day on the water without the hassle of hooking up the trailer or bringing all of your gear out for a lighter day of fishing. 

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