Product Description: Igniting the passion of the beginning kayak angler, with the new NuCanoe Flint Kayak. The Flint is designed to refuel the fire of experienced anglers looking to get back to the basics. The Flint is well adapted for lakes, creeks, and rivers. The Flint features a CustomHeight Pinnacle Seat, as well as multiple horizontal and flush mount rod tubes, 2 Tackle Box Pockets, a Hawg Trough Channel, five 8″ Accessory Freedom Tracks, Combo Side Handle and Paddle Holder, a Transducer Recess, Square Transom, and is Junior Seat Compatible. 


• CustomHeight Pinnacle Seat
• 5 x 8″ Accessory Freedom Tracks
• Hawg Trough Channel
• Integrated Drainage System


Length – 11ft 3in
Width – 33in
Weight – 73lbs
Capacity – 375lbs
Material – Polyethylene

Paddling Performance:

This was one of the best paddling kayaks that I’ve had the opportunity to test! I had no problem getting the Flint up to speed and found myself turning and making all maneuvers with ease. Considering it didn’t have a rudder, the tracking was outstanding and its overall paddling efficiency was great for a sub 12ft kayak.


I spent most of the day standing and sight casting from the kayak. While I should’ve raised the seat to make the movement from sitting to standing easier, I still found myself comfortable making quick actions around the deck of the kayak.

Use Cases:

So far, I’ve only used the Flint down at the Texas Coast. Amongst the vast flats of the Aransas Pass area, I was able to make long drifts while standing and then kick it into gear and paddle hard over to the next spot.

While this kayak performed great for a day of inshore fishing, I see the Flint’s best use case as a river fishing kayak. It’s durability and light weight would help make for easier portaging while its paddling performance will make sure you cover as much water as possible.

Overall Thoughts:

Being a sub 12ft kayak, at 33 inches wide, I had my doubts… but within the first hour on the water, I knew this kayak would far exceed my expectations.

If you’re looking for an affordable kayak, that boasts great paddling efficiency without compromising stability, the NuCanoe Flint should definitely be on your radar!


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