Ocean Kayak makes some of our best selling kayaks, but it can be a little difficult trying to parse out the differences between their models. We’re here to help by breaking down some of their popular options to help you make an informed decision when shopping for a recreational kayak.

Ocean Kayak Malibu 9.5

The Malibu 9.5 is the updated form one of our best sellers, the Frenzy. It is very stable and lightweight making it an excellent entry point for new kayakers and those looking to pick up an extra kayak for guests. Its small size makes it easy to store and its overall design is simple making it ideal for learning on. The Malibu 9.5 is best suited for small lakes and shorter recreational outings.

Ocean Kayak Malibu 11.5

The Malibu 11.5 is like the Malibu 9.5’s bigger brother. It has a very similar design and feature set, but stretched out over an extra 2 feet. The net result for you is that this kayak will be faster and track, which is its ability to go in a straight line, better out on the water. It is slightly narrower than the Malibu 9.5 which means it won’t be quite as stable, but that shouldn’t be an issue once you are used to its feel. It also has a larger tankwell, the rear storage area, and 50lbs extra max capacity, topping out at 360lbs, letting you take your dog out on the water with you. This kayak is best suited to recreational outings on small to midsize lakes and calm rivers.

Ocean Kayak Caper Classic Kayak

The Caper Classic is a bit of a hybrid. It has the extra length, and therefor speed and tracking, of the Scrambler without sacrificing the stability of the Frenzy. Ocean Kayak set out to build a jack of all trades and this is the result. It can do a bit of everything, which makes it great for beginners to intermediate paddlers, but won’t outperform purpose built kayaks. It has a Click Seal hatch in the front allowing you to securely store your gear. This kayak is ideal for recreational outings on small to mid sized lakes, calm rivers, and even a bit of coastal waters.

Ocean Kayak Tetra 10 and 12

The Tetra line is the bridge between Ocean Kayaks entry level offerings and there more purpose driven boats. They offer speed, stability, and customizability. They come with adjustable footrests standard, allowing you to set the boat just right for your comfort. In addition to the front storage hatch and the large rear tankwell storage area, the 10 and 12 also offer an optional upgrade of adding Ocean Kayaks center Mod Pod, a center console for storing small items and mounting accessories.  This kayak is best suited to lakes, rivers, and calm coastal waters.

Ocean Kayak Malibu 2XL Tandem Kayak

Lastly, for this article at least, is the Ocean Kayak Malibu 2XL Tandem Kayak. This is a great all around boat, offering great stability, speed, and versatility. It has both recreational and fishing variants and has up to three optional hatches that can be installed, one in front of each paddler and a larger center hatch option. It loses the adjustable foot pegs of the Tetra line in favor of the molded in rests, but if you have multiple different people you want to take out on the water with you, that offers simplicity in getting them settled on the boat. The fishing variant comes with four rod holders and the center hatch installed. We also offer different packages to help you get all the gear you need for however you want to use this beast. This kayak is ideal for lakes and coastal waters.

And there you have it. Make sure to contact us with any follow up questions.