The 2019 Hobie line up is finally here! They’ve made some big changes to an old favorite, added more options for the Compass, and even found a way to guard your transducer.

Here are the top 4 changes for the 2019 Hobie Kayaks line up.

1. Redesigned Outback

With the first major redesign of the best-selling Mirage Outback in over a decade, Hobie has single-handedly advanced the sport of kayak fishing. This fully-loaded fishing machine is built for every conceivable fishing expedition, whether you’re prowling the ocean for monster gamefish or stalking bass in your favorite freshwater fishing hole.

The extra-wide standing deck offers an improved casting platform and convenient vantage point for sight fishing, allowing for superior vision from above while the revolutionary Guardian Transducer Shield gives you multidimensional vision below.

The new Vantage CTW seat provides extra width for unmatched room and comfort. Four molded-in rod holders, multiple deluxe H-Track mounts, and numerous high-capacity storage compartments ensure that all of your gear is at your fingertips.

Powered by the MirageDrive 180 with ARC Cranks + Turbo Fins – now standard on all Outbacks – this fine-tuned angling vessel is highly versatile, fast, quiet, and exceedingly nimble. Now featuring our Kick-Up Rudder system with dual steering capabilities, combating drift and navigating tight water has never been easier. The Outback includes the Outback Loader, a plastic bumper that clips on to the rear handle of the kayak for easier car topping. While the classic Outback was a legend, the all-new Outback is truly legendary.

2. Compass Duo

Powered by dual MirageDrives with Glide Technology, the Duo‘s sleek hull design maximizes speed and stability, while greatly reducing drag. The cockpit features comfortable, ergonomic seating, 4 Integrated H-Tracks for accessory mounting, and abundant above and below deck storage compartments to house gear for two.

The sleek waterline and Kick-Up Rudder system make for an impressively nimble tandem kayak that’s highly responsive, easy to steer and extremely durable. The roomy Compass Duo is simple to use and adventure-ready, making it the ideal choice for water outings with adults, tikes, and furry companions.

3. Compass Camo Series


We asked for it and Hobie delivered!

Set your course with the new Hobie Mirage Compass, the newest addition to Hobie’s fleet of award-winning fishing kayaks. Simplicity defined, its time-tested MirageDrive pedal system with Glide Technology moves you easily through the water. The Camo Series compass includes the non-ARC MD180 Drive with Turbo Fins as standard equipment.

Outfitted with a breathable mesh seat, the Compass offers maximum stability and an oversized cockpit and flat deck for standing. A sharp turning radius makes it nimble in tight quarters, yet able to speed over open water in stealthy fashion. Fishing features include molded-in rod holders, H-Track accessory mounts and a transducer cavity ready for you to install a Lowrance fishfinder.

4. Guardian Retractable Transducer Shield

The unique, revolutionary Hobie Guardian integrates a larger cavity and larger shield to house larger transducers, including side scanning transducers, from several manufacturers. It works just like our current Lowrance-Ready system for regular sonar and down-scanning transducers, with more space and with more features, including a patent pending integrated bungee-suspension system. The protection this suspension system provides by allowing below-deck transducers to safely retract upon impact or for transport is what led to the name: Hobie Guardian. This innovation will protect the angler’s investment smoothly and easily, and will definitely be a game-changer in the world of kayak fishing.

Hobie’s Fishfinder Ready System makes installing a fishfinder easy. We’ve pre-installed wire plugs in strategic locations for running cables, so there’s no need for drilling holes into your kayak, and Hobie’s Guardian Shield houses and protects the most popular fishfinder transducers on the market, including side scanning transducers.

Hobie continues to innovate and improve their already legendary line of Mirage Drive kayaks. Don’t miss out on the chance to be one of the first to get yours!


  1. I have a 12 foot Hobie Pursuit and have treasured it for the past perhaps 17 years. I cannot understand why Hobie discontinued making it! I can paddle it faster and further than anyone in my experienced group of kayaking friends. What will I ever be able to purchase it if something happens to it? Please request that Hobie produce another fast, slim, well-designed paddled kayak! If I want to peddle something, I’ll buy a bicycle!