We’re in the thick of summer and things are heating up. Here at ACK, we’re experts at dealing with toasty temperatures (we live in Texas after all). Every June, we stock up on extra gear that helps us stay cool and comfortable during our summer paddles.

Here are a few pro tips on how to stay cool on the water this summer.

     1. Food and Beverage Storage

A good cooler is a necessity, and we love our Yetis. These coolers are scientifically proven to keep your ice colder than any other cooler on the market. They’re lined with up to 3 inches of pressure injected commercial grade polyurethane foam, guaranteeing you an ice cold drink all day long.

Be sure to grab a security cable while you’re here. These cables loop through your Yeti and kayak hatch to keep the cooler fastened safely in your boat.

Featuring the Yeti Hopper Flip 18 Cooler


      2. Protect Your Skin

During a long day on the water, it’s important to wear sun protective clothing. Look for shirts with at least 20 UPF. UPF (Ultraviolet protection factor) is similar to the SPF (sun protection factor) rating system familiarized by sunscreen bottles. A UPF of 20 means that the fabric allows 1/20th of the UV rays you’re exposed to to reach your skin; a UPF of 50 means the clothing allows 1/50th of the UV rays to pass through the fabric… you get the picture.

Sun protective clothing is also designed to be ultra light weight and sweat wicking so it won’t make you all hot and sticky. Browse our selection of UPF baselayers.








       3. Rudders, buddy

Tired of working hard in the heat and breaking a sweat? Consider adding a rudder to your kayak.

Once you try a rudder, you won’t want to go back to normal kayaking. They’ll cut the amount of paddling work you have to do in half, giving you more time to relax, fish, and enjoy the sunshine. Our rudder kits have all the parts you need to float down the lake with ease this weekend.

Featuring the Feelfree Overdrive Rudder Kit


    4. Save That Pretty Face

A sun hat is your best friend when kayaking in the bright summer sun. Pair a wide brimmed hat with some slick polarized sunglasses to look and feel cool on the water this summer.

Take your outfit to the next level with a floating sunglass retainerThat way you won’t have to risk losing those fly new glasses to the deep waters in the rare case that they fall off your face.

       5. Snag High Quality Drinkwear

We’ve got a wide selection of bottles and cups from Yeti and Hydro Flask, the best in insulated drinkware. These vessels will keep your beverage ice cold all day, and I really do mean for twelve whole hours.

Seriously, nothing tastes better than some ice cold water after spending hours in the hot sun. Grab a Yeti Rambler or Hydro Flask tumbler today and stay hydrated out there!

Featuring the Hydro Flask 32 oz. Tumbler

We hope these tips will help you beat the summer heat. These are the longest days of the year and it’s important to make them count. Grab your summer gear today and get out on the water!