ACK Demo Days is a unique experience for paddlers. Weather you’re in the market for a new kayak, or just getting into the sport, it gives you the opportunity to try out kayaks that just hit the market and determine what is right for you before you make a purchase.

Check out the new boats that will be at our 2018 Spring ACK Demos:

1. Bonafide SS127

The SS127 fishing kayak from Bonafide delivers the Ultimate Fishability™. It was designed by anglers, for anglers and is loaded with features you won’t find anywhere else.The hybrid cat hull design provides maximum stability without sacrificing paddling performance. The SS127 features the incredibly comfortable HiRise™ seating system. The ultra-high seat allows you to sit with your knees bent, taking pressure off of your lower back. If you want to really dig in and cover some distance, the SeatRack™ and foldable seat frame allow quick and quiet conversion to a lower position. The SS127 provides enough stability that you can stand on the gunwales for a better vantage point while sight

casting. Surprisingly, a boat this wide and stable still paddles efficiently with exceptional tracking. The Bonafide SS127 is truly an incredible fishing kayak.

2. 3 Waters Kayaks Big Fish 12 

The all new 3 Waters Kayaks Big Fish 12 has all the performance, comfort, and technical features you need to get on the river, lake, or ocean. The modern-style cathedral hull offers an extremely stable fishing platform, whether you’re sitting in high seat position or standing up on the reinforced standing platform. It also tracks incredibly well even without a rudder and paddles smoothly and efficiently. The Big Water seat has four positions: high, low, recline, and flip away. It can also double as a lean bar when flipped up for sight casting. Additional features include rod tip storage at the bow, a removable sonar pod, 2 molded in rod holders, bungee tankwell, 2 pairs of accessory tracks, and a molded in bow handle. The Big Fish 12 offers all the angling features you need at a low price tag.

3. Native Watercraft  Titan 10.5 & 12 Propel Kayaks

The Native Titan Propel is a pedal-driven bass boat extraordinaire. Large and in charge, the Titan offers unsurpassed stability and ample room and flexibility to move around. Optimal for sight casting with plenty of leverage to reel in the catch, this is a fisherman’s fantasy fulfilled. This boat features easy-to-reach horizontal rod storage with rod tip protection. Elevated First Class Seating is designed for comfortable transitions between standing and sitting, and it can be moved out of the way for a walk-around deck. The boat also features two stern power pole mounts for dual anchoring to further increase stability. Optional transom-style motor mount that will accept trolling motors for a power-assisted ride sold separately.

4. Feelfree Lure 11.5 with Overdrive Pedal Drive

Feelfree Kayaks is taking kayak fishing to a new level with the Lure 11.5 kayak. It still has all the stability, comfort, and versatility as the original Lure 11.5, with the addition of the Overdrive Pedal Drive. The Overdrive features the modern evolution of pedal powered kayak propulsion offering effortless speed, ease of use and adaptability. The Lure 11.5 also includes a variety of unique features including a removable multi-level, multi-position extra wide Gravity Seat, Feelfree’s wheel in the keel, and Uni-Track system. The patent pending Feelfree Gravity Seat offers the widest range of seat heights which is adjusted with the simple function of a lever and is removable – the Feelfree Gravity Seat is the new high. The Lure’s super-stable 34″ wide hull paired with a padded standing platform gives you the option to paddle or cast in either the sitting or standing position whether fishing inland waters or wide open oceans – this kayak fears no water.

5. Kaku Voodoo Fishing SUP

The Kaku Voodoo SUP is for the angler who wants to catch big fish from a paddle craft. At 35 inches wide, it has enough stability that you can stand on the seat for sight casting, but it still paddles well and has phenomenal tracking. It features a large open deck in front of the seat and plenty of room for a cooler behind. The seat is mounted on the 30 inch aluminum tracks so you can trim as needed. The Voodoo features a seat like no other SUP or kayak out there! It has a wide seat area for maximum comfort, but it has such a high weight capacity, that you can actually stand on the seat for a wide, cushioned standing-platform. The seatback is curved, so you can also sit on the seatback for a high-seat position. The tall seatback also serves as a lean post when sight-casting. The Voodoo also includes 2 hatches for plenty of protected gear storage, a logo’d deck pad, five molded-in micro Power Pole mounts, bungee deck rigging, and molded-in side handles. The power-pole mounts are covered in plastic starboard when they’re not being used for additional space to mount accessories. The Kaku Voodoo is in a class by itself.