New month, new gear! No more fear of missing out on the latest and greatest.

Keeping up with our new tradition of a monthly product pick blog to help you keep up with our constantly updating site inventory, we asked the ACK merchandising team which products to spotlight for March.

Here are March’s new product picks:

1. Feelfree Overdrive Pedal Console

The Feelfree Overdrive is the modern evolution of pedal and powered kayak propulsion offering effortless speed, ease of use and adaptability. Designed to be retrofittable on most Lure 11.5, 13.5, and Lure II Tandem, the Overdrive is the only two-in-one system that offers forward and reverse pedal or power driven capabilities in one single unit when paired with the Motordrive (Not Yet Released). Engineered to last, the system is manufactured using cast aluminum and finished off with heavy-duty components. Paddle, pedal or power, the Overdrive system gives kayak anglers and recreational paddlers the flexibility to Feelfree all day long no matter where they choose to have fun!



2. YakGear Floating Stake-Out Stick

The YakGear Floating Stake-Out Stick is an alternative to the original YakStick Mud Anchor, the lightweight YakStick Floating Stake-Out Stick provides effortless and silent anchoring in shallow waters. Stake-Out sticks are a preferred anchoring method in shallow coastal waters as well as in shallow lakes and streams. The new over-sized foam grip multi-purpose handle design allows for a firm grip when pushing through a variety of hard bottoms and can be flipped around to be used as a push pole mud foot or push off. The lightweight 22oz YakStick shaft is made of 7/8″ vertical and horizontal pultrusion-formed fiberglass, giving it unsurpassed strength. Its handle and point are made of rigid nylon.



3. Native Watercraft Titan 12 Propel Kayak

The Native Titan Propel 12 is a pedal-driven bass boat extraordinaire. Large and in charge, the Titan offers unsurpassed stability and ample room and flexibility to move around. Optimal for sight casting with plenty of leverage to reel in the catch, this is a fisherman’s fantasy fulfilled. This boat features easy-to-reach horizontal rod storage with rod tip protection. Elevated First Class Seating is designed for comfortable transitions between standing and sitting, and it can be moved out of the way for a walk-around deck. The boat also features two stern power pole mounts for dual anchoring to further increase stability. Optional transom-style motor mount that will accept trolling motors for a power-assisted ride sold separately.




4. Liquid Logic Coupe XP

Versatility is the name of the game these days. When it comes to getting the most for your money, the Liquid Logic Coupe offers it up in large doses. This one-of-a-kind hybrid design is fun, stable, easy to paddle and is as comfortable on rivers and lakes as it is riding your favorite ocean break. The Coupe is the choice when looking for one sit on top that can and will do it all. The Coupe’s hull is whitewater ready with soft edges for easy control and the bow is upswept allowing the Coupe to ride up and over river features as well as staying high and dry when taken in the surf zone. On quiet waters such as lakes and bays the Coupe transforms to a touring sit-on-top with a flick of the lever deploying its spring loaded skeg; a feature not found on any other sit-on-top kayak. With the Deluxe Wedge seat and the Tag Along Wheel now standard on every boat plus the additional available accessories like the padded thigh straps, the Coupe offers up unparalleled comfort and control.



5. JP AnglAIR’ SE Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard 11-0

The AnglAIR is a dedicated fishing specialist new in the 2018 JP line. Full of specialized features like Scotty mounts, bungee tie downs, stake out loops, kick-up fin and most importantly a super wide and stable platform for a relaxed day on the water. The AnglAIR features a bungee rope on the nose and on the tail, plus a paddle holder and two Scotty mounts on the tail. The 3 pre-laminated composite layers consist of 2 airtight PVC sheets bonded to a Polyester 1000D fabric to create one super strong shell. This shell is then machine laminated directly onto the 500D Polyester Drop Stitch fabric. The pre-lamination and the composite structure give you an unmatched weight/stiffness/durability ratio for inflatable SUPs.



As always, this is just a small sampling of our extensive new product inventory that gets updated daily.

Check out the full selection of new ACK products here.