As the weather begins to warm, the itch to get outside intensifies. It’s time you get prepared to scratch it!

If this will be your first season camping, we want to be the first to welcome you to the great outdoors! We’re glad you’re here.

In order to properly outfit your adventure, check out these 5 Must Have Items for Camping!

1. Tent 

While you won’t spend your entire time in the tent, this is where you’ll want to be most comfortable! Be sure to select a tent has plenty of room for your crew plus gear.

Tip: Practice setting up your tent before you head out on your first trip. This can often be confusing the first time and you definitely don’t want to waste your time in frustration for the first part of your trip. 

2. Sleeping Bag

The most important thing when selecting a sleeping bag is the temperature rating. Although the 20º F sleeping bag may be soft and fluffy, I promise that you’ll wake up in a puddle of sweat if you’re camping in any temperature above 50º F.

Tip: Check out our blog ‘Sleeping Bag 101’  to help you select the right one!

3. Sleeping Pad

Have you ever slept on hard dirt with rock scattered throughout? It’s not worth experiencing. Get yourself a sleeping pad and your back will thank you later!

Tip: Air up your sleeping pad well before bed time. After a long day outside or on the trail, you’ll want to go straight to bed!

4. Camp Pillow

Having a camping-specific pillow will help you with packing and storage. These often are compressible or inflatable, helping you keep things light and compact.

Tip: If you forget your pillow, use extra clothing and stuff it into a bag for a make-shift place to rest your head!

5. Headlamp

Waking up in the middle night unable to locate a flashlight and stumbling around blindly shouldn’t happen when you’re out camping. A headlamp should be enough light to get you through a trip, though a lantern will provide a good amount of light for everyone to share.

Tip: Keep your headlamp near by when you’re sleeping. You’ll be thankful when nature calls late at night.

We’re excited for you to spend a night or two under the stars! While these are just the essentials, there are plenty more items to cater to your style of camping. Head over to for everything camping!

If you’re already a seasoned camper but want to take the adventure to another level, check out our blog ‘How To Pack for Kayak Camping Trips!’

For any questions about camping, do not hesitate to comment below or reach out to our team at! You can also reach us at 888-828-3828