Our Adventure Collector is a great way for customers to share their experiences with us! You can upload a photo, mark the location, and even give us a short description of your adventure.

Check out our favorite submissions for the month of December:

“Old Town Vapor 10 chasing the light in Congagree National Park, South Carolina.”

“Since purchasing my Pungo 100 from ACK, I have spent countless hours in the water taking bird and nature photos. The up close and personal nature of my kayak enables me to get closer and see more. My kayak is truly my happy place where other thoughts drift away. I literally feel an immediate sense of peace once on the water. Probably one of the best purchases of my life. Looking forward to so many exciting outings. Life is good, very good”

“30 years away from fishing and I had forgotten how much I absolutely loved it. A friend took me kayaking on her spare kayak and I saw someone fishing from a kayak. Two weeks of research I narrowed down my choice and took one out for a demo locally. I loved the FeelFree Lure 11.5. I was going to buy locally (45 minute drive) and pick it up but I had zero experience pulling a trailer. I looked into having it delivered and found ACK did and I bought it promptly. I have heard people not having a very good experience. I found it wonderful. I made sure to inspect it before signing for it. Thanks ACK I am a fishing freak now!”

“This was the first time I took out the SS Certifiable, or my Perception Pescador 12.0 Kayak. This is also my first kayak purchase. I had been out before, but always had rented. After getting basically what turned out to be my dream job, this was my first paycheck present to myself.”

“Fishing at Calaveras Lake, Texas on a summer afternoon with my Viking Profish Reload.”

“I have a few kayaks, Wilderness Tsunami 125, Zydeco 11′, but this 12′ Perception is my go to kayak. Light enough to toss on top of my car, tracks well, and handles rough water surprisingly well, super stable and quick.”

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