New month, new gear! No more fear of missing out on the latest and greatest.

Keeping up with our new tradition of a monthly product pick blog to help you keep up with our constantly updating site inventory, we asked the ACK merchandising team which products to spotlight for December.

Here are December’s new product picks:

1. 3 Waters Kayaks Big Fish 12

The all new 3 Waters Kayaks Big Fish 12 has all the performance, comfort, and technical features you need to get on the river, lake, or ocean. The modern-style cathedral hull offers an extremely stable fishing platform, whether you’re sitting in high seat position or standing up on the reinforced standing platform. It also tracks incredibly well even without a rudder and paddles smoothly and efficiently.

The Big Water seat has four positions: high, low, recline, and flip away. It can also double as a lean bar when flipped up for sight casting. Additional features include rod tip storage at the bow, a removable sonar pod, two molded in rod holders, bungee tankwell, two pairs of accessory tracks, and a molded in bow handle



2. Kaku Kayak Voodoo Fishing SUP

The Kaku Voodoo SUP is for the angler who wants to catch big fish from a paddle craft. At 35 inches wide, it has enough stability that you can stand on the seat for sight casting, but it still paddles well and has phenomenal tracking. It features a large open deck in front of the seat and plenty of room for a cooler behind. The seat is mounted on the 30-inch aluminum tracks so you can trim as needed.

The Voodoo features a seat like no other SUP or kayak on the market! It has a wide seat area for maximum comfort, but it has such a high weight capacity that you can actually stand on the seat for a wide, cushioned standing-platform. The seatback is curved, so you can also sit on the seatback for a high-seat position. The tall seatback also serves as a lean post when sight-casting.

The Voodoo also includes two hatches for plenty of protected gear storage, a logo’d deck pad, five molded-in micro Power Pole mounts, bungee deck rigging, and molded-in side handles. The power-pole mounts are covered in plastic starboard when they’re not being used for additional space to mount accessories.



3. Action Hat DIY Kit

The Action Hat DIY Kit allows you to convert just about any hat into a GoPro compatible head piece ready for wherever the next adventure may lead. This FlexFrame kit is 8 mm thick, so the best hats to use are adjustable high crown hats that will help compensate for the extra thickness added once the frame is installed.

Compatible with other cameras via the Universal Adapter for GoPro (sold separately). Since hat weights, materials and styles vary, the DIY ActionHat cannot be guaranteed to float. Home float testing is recommended before hitting open water.



4. Emory Peak Traverse 825 Snowshoes with Poles

The Emory Peak Traverse 825 Snowshoes are perfect for your snowshoe adventures. This kit comes complete with a carrybag, snowshoes and poles. These snowshoes are made with a durable aluminum frame that makes them great for hiking and gentle alpine terrain. There are enhanced metal spikes to give you outstanding grip and the binding ratchet system comes with a quick release fastener for the perfect fit.



5. Hydro Flask 10 oz Wine Glass

Make any hour happier with the Hydro Flask insulated 10 oz Wine Tumbler. From picnics in the park to panoramic vistas, enjoy your favorite reds, whites, and rosés at the perfect temperature. The Wine Tumbler holds two standard pours, plus it pairs with the insulated 25 oz Wine Bottle perfectly. The Wine tumbler comes with an insulated lid to keep you wine at the perfect temperature longer and keeps out any bugs that may want to steal a sip of wine!



As always, this is just a small sampling of our extensive new product inventory that gets updated daily.

Check out the full selection of new ACK products here.