You’re just waking up on a cold morning after spending the entire previous day on the trail. You’ve got a big day ahead and you need an extra boost of energy to get you going.

As our friends over at GSI put it:

“For you, coffee is not merely black; it is not simply a beverage to be had with cream and sugar, no, coffee is a ritual, an affirmation of life, a warm embrace in the morning and a meditation on the flavor of the day to be savored with dessert. For you, only the finest beans, the most aromatic roast and the fullest flavor will do. Coffee is a world tour, a rich journey from Kona to Columbia and from Ethiopia to Java awaking you to new experiences and new ideas.”

Whether you prefer french press or pour over, there’s a lightweight option for taking your brew into the backcountry.

Check these great products to turn you into a backcountry barista!

1.GSI Outdoors Personal Java Press Coffee System

GSI Outdoors has created the finest French Press Coffee Makers ever conceived. Regardless of where your day may take you, the lightweight, crystal-clear, shatter-resistant carafe of the GSI Outdoors Java Press will travel with you effortlessly.

With EVA sleeves to insulate both your hands and your coffee, the Java Press assures the ultimate coffee experience whether on the ocean or atop a mountain. With a patented split-ring plunger design to virtually-eliminate blow-by, you can be certain that your coffee will be brewed to perfection.



2. GSI Outdoors Ultralight Java Drip Coffee Filter

For you pour over and slow drip enthusiasts, the Ultralight Java Drip from GSI Outdoors comes in an ultra-compact design that nests under a standard fuel cartridge.

Impress your friends and fellow campers with barista quality coffee. But don’t make it too good, you might have them coming back to you for more. Simply attach the GSI Ultralight Java Drip’s sturdy legs to your mug and brew some backcountry sludge. It’s easy to clean and is super compact from easy travel and storage. 



3. Jetboil Flash Java Kit

The Jetboil Flash Java Kit makes it a snap to enjoy fresh-roasted coffee whenever you work or play outdoors. The Jetboil Flash Java Kit will brew two perfect cups of coffee in just two minutes, and packs to the size of a water bottle.

The color-change heat indicator window on the cozy turns orange to show when the water is hot. Includes coffee press and coffee sample. Fuel and fuel canister holder sold separately



4. Hydro Flask 16 oz. Wide Mouth Bottle w/ Flip Lid

The Hydro Flask 16 oz. Wide Mouth Bottle with Flip Lid is a perfect companion for your grande coffee or tea, the 16-oz Wide Mouth is the perfect size for carrying your brew hot or cold! 

Whether your mornings are spent around a cozy campfire or en route to a new destination, our 16 oz Coffee Flask makes your day a little brighter — and hotter or colder depending on what’s inside. TempShield™ insulation keeps your cold brew icy for up to 24 hours and your chai tea latte hot for up to 6. 



5. Yeti Rambler Mug 14 oz

The Yeti Rambler Rambler 14 oz. Mug is made to withstand off-the-grid adventures with 18/8 stainless steel construction. It’s durable enough to strap to the outside of your pack and go. Its full-loop TripleGrip Handle is comfortable for wider hands and easy to grab. It’ll keep your coffee hot (or water cold) for hours on end and still has the same Rambler features, like No Sweat Design and double-wall vacuum insulation, that makes this drinkware built for the wild.

Many camping mugs don’t stand a chance in the wild. But when you’re bleary-eyed, drinking coffee around a campfire in the backcountry, creature comforts like a hot mug of Joe give you enough fuel to push on.



Whether you’re car camping or roughing it in the backcountry, there’s gear out there to make sure you get the best cup of coffee. Don’t settle for those instant packets, wake up and prepare yourself for a big day of adventure.

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