When it comes to kayak fishing, our customers take their rigs very seriously. Each angler has a unique set up, catered to their personal style of fishing.

Everything from fishing accessories to safety equipment, and even DIY projects, they all have a place in our customers’ experience.

Here’s a fishing kayak testimonial from an ACK Customer, featuring the Old Town Predator PDL

“I had the opportunity to experience the 2017 white bass run this spring in the PDL. I can’t put into words just how incredible this design is. The ability to stop and go in forward and reverse in fractions of a second allowed me to fish without a thought about how to position myself. The effortless control gave me so much more time to make casts and I doubled up my buddies every trip out. I would pedal and just take in the scenery; things I used to miss when I was paddling against 20 mph headwinds. Now I can ignore wind forecasts and go wherever I want, whenever I want. Whether it’s on big water or tucked back in the backwaters of a creek channel, I can get there.
We fished the white bass run for 2 months and I filled the cooler bag to the top every time. I made several trips for largemouth bass and caught some of the best fish I’ve ever hauled in. Having the ability to access tighter, shallower areas inaccessible by boat was key. I felt the stability of the PDL as I stood and sight fished bedding females during the spawn. It was truly an experience I’ll never forget and will look forward to every year.”