Get the most out of your kayak fishing experience by creating a personalized set-up catered to your fishing style. The customizability of the RAM Mounts Product line will allow you to secure your gear, while being ready for anything the day might throw at you.

Whether you need to quickly grab a rod, graph a new body of water, or press record before you set the hook, RAM Mounts will make your day out on the water more enjoyable.

Check out some of our favorites!

RAM-ROD Revolution Rod Holder

The RAM-Revolution Rod Holder fits all conventional rods and offers fast and easy access for when you see that fish tailing and you need to act quickly. With the patented RAM rubber ball, socket and ratcheting feature, you can rotate the RAM-ROD Revolution Rod Holder 360 degrees, while tilting the cradle forward and back for the optimum angle.

Customer Review:This is a great product. I have two on my kayak. One of them is in front of me and one is mounted on the left side behind my seat. I also placed pool noodles on both to place any used lures on them so I can clean them after a day of fishing in the salt.” – Alex T.

RAM-ROD 2007 Fly Rod Holder

For those Fly Fishermen out there, you can get your hands on a rod holder designed specifically for your gear. The RAM ROD 2007 Fly Rod Holder will securely manage your rod and reel while you carefully drift those shallow waters. Incorporating a one of a kind and patented ball and socket feature, perfect adjustment is a breeze and grabbing your reel to make a cast could not be faster.

RAM Transducer Arm Mount

The RAM Transducer Arm Mount enables the quick and effective deployment and retrieval of your transducer while protecting it from damage. This mount is perfect for kayaking, as the transducer arm can quickly be retrieved if you enter shallow water or when beaching your kayak. With little effort, the arm can quickly be moved to a different kayak if need be.

Customer Review: “Wonderful product works just as designed. I used to have it inside the kayak but after having problems gluing it down I decided to try the transducer mount. Also the staff at Austin Kayak are amazing. Very knowledgeable and very professional. I love shopping at this place.”
– Chris 

RAM Camera Holder w/ Mounting Plate

Did you really catch that fish if there isn’t a photo to prove it? The RAM Camera Mount is the ideal solution for mounting cameras on kayaks, helping you get that shot to send to all your friends. The rubber ball and socket system offers vibration dampening and infinite adjustment. With the RAM Camera Holder with Mounting Plate you will be certain to capture your next adventure in full detail.

When it comes to having a successful day out on the water, the gear you take with you can contribute greatly. However, one of the most important factors is going to be how that gear is stored. The less time you have to spend adjusting and organizing gear, the more time you’ll have to fish. And as we all know, if your line isn’t in the water, you’re not going to catch any fish.

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