The Origin Story

From the moment ACK opened its doors with brothers Peter and Steve Messana at the helm in 2005, the company focused on two things: The customer experience and guaranteeing high quality products at fair prices.

With that vision and the help and support of passionate customers and employees, the company quickly grew from one store to five strong across the state of Texas and a tenacious online presence at It was only a matter of a few years before we were considered the paddlesports authority for both entry level paddlers and avid kayak anglers alike.

While our support grew among those segments of the market, we soon discovered that a lot of nonprofits, government agencies and rental business were shopping with us. To meet the demand, we implemented a special strategy to provide tailored service as well as a pricing structure to the businesses and nonprofits who wanted to purchase outdoor recreational gear for non-resale purposes.

In 2014, I had the fortune to take over the role of Fleet Account Manager. As the leader of the division I work to offer the absolute best pricing on all things outdoors by offering special fleet pricing and a keen attention to detail that businesses deserve. In technical lingo, the department can be considered  “B2B” (business to business), but it’s much more than that.

We service organizations that help and serve the community, ultimately allowing us to advance our main objective: Getting people outdoors.

“In technical lingo, the department can be considered “B2B” (business to business), but it is much more than that.”ACK Fleet Manager Carlos Andreu

Who We Supply

The type of organizations that qualify for ACK’s Fleet Program come in all sizes, from all over the United States and even the world.  They include government agencies such as police and fire departments, the Armed Forces (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Gaurd and their recreational programs), universities, schools, summer camps, kayak rental and outfitter businesses, state parks, national parks and hundreds of similar organizations in the public and private sector.

Have you seen kayak rentals in your area? There is a chance that they’re part of the ACK Fleet Partner Program. Have you ever noticed kayaks and canoes at various Texas State Parks? It’s likely they came from us, as we’ve supplied Texas Parks and Wildlife for many years now.

Why Contact The Fleet Partner Program

Increased popularity in kayaking and stand up paddleboarding has boosted the opening of hundreds of rental businesses as an alternative to ownership. The benefit that these businesses provide to our industry cannot be understated; not only do they allow the public to paddle at a fraction of the cost of owning a kayak, but more importantly, they help develop interest in our sport and the outdoors in an organic environment.

The Fleet Program supports that mission and serves the business owner by offering a wide selection of products (more than 14,000) at a cost that makes financial sense for them. We are a one-stop shop for expert advice and fair prices; we know from experience and from customer feedback what works, what lasts and what is reliable.

How To Become A Fleet Partner

There are a few requirements to become a fleet partner. If you are simply looking for information on how to open a kayak rental business or are in need of bulk, corporate, or fleet pricing on outdoor gear, you can submit a fleet quote request at or just give us a call at 512-687-3014.