When ACK-ers take time off, it’s practically a guarantee they’re going to seek adventure wherever they go.

That’s an awesome advantage to us as a company in the outdoor industry, where we benefit from our employees having that hands-on experience. Our Merchandising Manager Jenny May’s two most recent trips involved a lot of hiking, and she documented them to share with everyone!

Hiking enthusiasts, take note.

You may want to hit up some of these trails if you’re ever in the area(s)!

The first trip was to Grand Tetons National Park in Jackson, Wyoming, and the second was to North Carolina (spoiler alert, she actually ended up in Tallulah Gorge State Park in Georgia).

Hiking Grand Tetons National Park in Wyoming 

Day 1 – Easy Hike Around Jenny Lake
~ 8-9 miles

First day in Jackson, so we decided to take it relatively easy. Jenny Lake is a flat scenic trail. We hiked over to see Hidden Falls, which is a lot taller than it looks in the picture.

It sprinkled off and on all day, but it was just enough to keep us cool and keep the trail dust down.

Day 2 – Hike up to Amphitheater Lake (Elevation 9,700)
~14 miles

Grand Teton Mountain from a distance

We were going to hike up Grand Teton mountain today, but the weather looked ominous so we decided to hike to Amphitheater Lake.

This was a pretty strenuous trail and there were a few times I wish I had trekking poles with me. Luckily, huckleberries were in season, so we could stop along the trail and pick berries whenever we needed a little break. We hiked up to Amphitheater Lake where we ate lunch then hiked down and got back to the car just as the thunderstorm rolled in.

Day 3 – Trail Run
5 miles

Last morning in Jackson we decided to run up one of the “smaller” mountains in Jackson before driving back to Salt Lake City, Utah. This trail was a lot tougher than it looked when we started. There was almost 1,600 ft of elevation gain! The view at the top was totally worth it, though.

Hiking in North Carolina 

Day 1 Short Hike Up Whiteside Mountain
2.5 miles roundtrip

We arrived in North Carolina late Saturday afternoon so we went out for a short scenic hike up Whiteside Mountain, the perfect introduction to our hiking vacation in NC.

Day 2 – Panthertown  
~10 miles

Schoolhouse Falls

We arrived at the trailhead with a map and a general idea of how long we wanted to hike and decided to just explore the trails. We tried to see as many waterfalls as we could and I think we got to see six or seven. There was one section where the trail went through a stream and the mountain water was just cold enough to make our feet go numb before we made it to the other side. By the end of the hike we were pretty hungry, so we went back to the house for dinner, then grabbed a couple NRS inflatable paddle boards and headed out to Cashiers Lake for a sunset paddle.

Day 3 – Tallulah Gorge State Park 
~3 miles

We had planned to hike at Gorges State Park in NC this day, but a slight GPS error took us to Tallulah Gorge State Park in GA.

It ended up being such a happy mistake as Tallulah Gorge State Park was the perfect last stop on our way to the airport. We hiked down into the gorge, which was 1,062 stairs down and 1,062 stairs back up on the other side – it was quite the workout!



  1. Looks so gorgeous! Remember my trip to the US and all those beautiful places we could visit. Nothing can beat scenery trekking path and wild river to paddle. Wish to come back some day.

    1. The US has such diversity in landscape! It’s great to see stories about travel to different states (for example, I’ve been to a lot of different countries but I’ve never been to North Carolina or Wyoming, and now I know they’re beautiful).