Why do you enjoy what you do? 

Working at an outdoor company, it’s interesting to hear people trace their various interests back to early childhood memories. Whether those memories include cross-country family road trips with stops at National Parks or casual outings to a local park or honey hole, we owe it to our parents for providing us with the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the outdoors. For giving us roots.

This Father’s Day, we asked a few ACK-ers to reflect on their dad’s role in igniting that lasting passion:

Fishing as a young kid is certainly one of the fondest memories I have with my dad, and I can attribute my love for the outdoors to him. This was not the kind of fishing we know of today. It was the kind of fishing where we cast bobbers with live minnow while we sat back, ate peanuts and pork rinds with an orange Crush soda at hand. I never caught much, but then again I didn’t care. I just loved being outdoors with him. Even today, although not as often, we try to make time to do the same.”

Roland Jimenez, ACK Director of Marketing

“My dad definitely influenced my love for the outdoors. We would go fossil hunting around the lake and go on long hikes we called “Expeditions” when I was a kid. I remember him making me a dummy bait, so I could practice casting in the grass in our backyard. My dad is my go-to adventure buddy, from hiking trails and ruins in the Caribbean to exploring the mountain trails of Colorado. Memories adventuring with him are some of my favorites, and a big reason why I decided to be an outdoor guide.”

– Gabby Marye, ACK Customer Relationship Manager

ACK Chief Operating Officer Ray Luckadoo (center) learning about diesel fuel systems with dad (left) and friend Allen Justice (right)

“While I was growing up and even today, my dad and I spent more time together outside than inside. Whether we were fishing, building something, or working on a random tractor, many of my life’s lessons where instructed outside 1:1 with my dad.”

– Ray Luckadoo, ACK Chief Operating Officer

“”It’ll put hair on your chest!” Applies to anything and everything.”

– Andrea Heck, ACK Marketing Manager

“My father has always been the consummate sportsman, and from an early age he always tried to pass that on to me. Efficient and skilled, he can shoot a limit of dove in as many shells, and I’ve seen him get “two-fers” (two birds, one shot) on multiple occasions. Without this man and our connection through our mutual respect of the outdoors, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

– John Henry Boatright, ACK San Antonio Store Manager

A trail ACK Digital Marketing Manager Trent Lootens broke with his father in a 2015 Polaris RZR on South Mountain, Idaho.

“My dad always pushed me to explore areas where most people were unwilling to go. The outdoors was a perfect training ground for me to learn from him. The push-it-to-the-limits attitude that he instilled in me carried over into multiple aspects of my life and allowed me to forge forward and past the general status quo.”

– Trent Lootens, ACK Digital Marketing Manager

“Growing up in Colorado, there was no shortage of opportunities to explore and enjoy the outdoors, and my dad made sure that was an integral part of my life. My fondest memories are of our fishing trips to secluded, high mountain lakes for one-of-a-kind fishing, hiking, and camping experiences. We also took (almost) annual trips to places such as Maroon Bells and Lake Isabel to name just a couple. To this day, I always look forward to adventures like this, thanks to my dad.”

– Levi Cardinal, ACK Associate Buyer

Happy Father’s Day!

Enjoy the day with your loved ones, and don’t forget to let your dad know how much of an impact he’s had on you.