A common scenario: You just got your brand-new kayak in the door, and you’re eager to get it on the water. We know how eager y’all get when a new boat is out for delivery. We have countless folks send us photos of themselves in their just-unwrapped kayaks, sitting in their driveways with a wide grin on their face.

Now, what’s stopping you? 

Most likely, it’s transportation! If you thought ahead pre-kayak purchase, you may have purchased a kayak car rack in the form of a roof rack, bed extender or trailer. But in the eager fog while ordering a kayak, you also may have forgotten. Either way, you have many options. So how do you decide?

For starters, it’s important to be realistic about the size of your vehicle, your budget and the amount of kayaks you’re transporting. If you have a compact car and three kayaks, you’re probably going to end up investing in a trailer (unless they’re very light kayaks) to avoid the risk of roof damage.

For starters, it’s important to be realistic about the size of your vehicle, your budget and the amount of kayaks you’re transporting

4 ideas for kayak transport: 2 for vehicles & 2 for trucks

The Quick & Easy Bare Pick:
Malone 50 in. VersaRail Bare Roof Cross Rail Rack

If you’re looking for a roof rack with a simple installation process, this rack is the way to go. All you have to do is place the feet on the roof of your car and run the straps through the doors under the roof. Bam. Quick and easy. It’ll hold up to 150 lbs, and it’s versatile! Aside from your kayak, it can transport your bike, canoe or cargo box too.

The Inflatable Pick (For Lighter Kayaks):
Malone HR20 Inflatable Roof Rack

This is a relatively cheaper alternative to the Malone VersaRail Roof Rack, designed for lighter kayaks (up to 50 lbs). With a low-stress installation system, the rack is compatible with most vehicle and the padding will prevent your roof from getting scratched up.

The Pick-up Truck Pick:
Thule Xsporter Pro 500XT Pickup Truck Rack

For the truck owners looking to save space, this rack fits to the bed of your truck with “nearly infinite height adjustment,” letting you mount your kayaks without putting anything on the cab.

The Truck Bed Extender Pick: 
Boonedox T-Bone Bed Extender

Loaded with two Tarpon 16s.

One of our most popular bed extenders, the Boonedox is lightweight but strong and secure. Compatible with any 2-inch receiver, it also comes in two eye-catching colors: lime green and orange.


We didn’t feature any trailer picks in this list, but you can check out our blog on the Malone MegaSport if you’re in the market for a trailer.
And of course, we’ve got a bigger selection to choose from when it comes to kayak transport.
Let us know if you have any questions about the products we featured or any other rack, extender, or trailer you’re eyeing!