Maybe she introduced you to your first state or national park.

Maybe she had you riding tandem in her kayak, listening to you ask over and over again when you’d be old enough to get your own.

Maybe she taught you how to ride your bike, soothing you when you suffered the inevitable scraped knee.

She definitely washed your dirty clothes after the evenings of free play around the neighborhood. The point is, your mother probably played a definitive role in exposing you to the outdoors you now know and love.

Now’s your chance to give the gift of adventure back to her! Whether your mom’s more of an outdoor junkie than you are or she’s skeptical about the idea of picking up her kitchen and taking it into woods for a few days (c’mon mom, there’s more to camping than that!), we’ve rounded up items of interest for people of all experience levels. From kayaks to wine glasses, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to help you find the perfect gift for her.

Here’s a look at some of the featured products in our Mother’s Day Gift Guide:

C-Tug Kayak Cart

C-Tug Kayak Cart

You may not think it’s the most “gift-like” item, but for all practical means, this is such a handy product to have to ease the heavy lifting it takes to get your boat from your vehicle to the water. The C-tug’s our most popular kayak cart!

Here’s what makes it so great: it folds down easily (seriously, this thing looks like a Transformer in the set-up/dismantling process), it can hold up to 300 lbs, and its wheels are not puncturable by any means. Disclaimer: It looks like a hover board. Do not let little kids use it as such. Do not use it as such yourself.

Astral Rosa Sandals

Astral Rosa Sandals

Without the strap, they’re flip-flops. With the straps, they’re sandals capable of supporting her while she walks, hikes, and climbs. With summer coming up, these make a thoughtful gift. Once you break in these adventure shoes, it’s hard to get them off (she’ll have the tan lines to prove it). We also threw a pair of Chacos in the gift guide for more options!

Columbia Tidal Tee Hoodie

Columbia Tidal Tee Hoodie (Blueglass)

A hoodie just in time for summer? Yes, a 50 SPF quick-dry long-sleeve protection (stylish) hoodie. We’ve got it in Blueglass, Harbor Blue and Sunlit; the Blueglass is featured above, but you’re going to need to take a look at the other colors to know exactly what you’re looking for.

CamelBak Solstice 10 LR Hydration Backpack (Black/Deep Amethyst)

Does your mom love to hike or bike? Or is she just a really conscious water consumer? Maybe she needs to drink more water? Hydration packs are great for active lifestyles, but honestly, I’ve also used mine just sitting in the office on days I knew I wasn’t getting enough water.

But the Solstice is more than a pack; it’s a backpack. Meaning not only does it hold 10 L of water, it has an exceptional amount of storage space for trail accessories like keys, wallet, phone and more. We carry it in bold colors like Black/Deep Amethyst and Fiery Red/Silver.

And these are just five items out of the 24 we selected for our Mother’s Day Gift Guide!

Browse around – after all, you know your mom better than we do.