I’ve always been more of a big-picture person, but I can appreciate the value of data. When it comes to products, digging into the numbers can be very telling. We can gush about our personal experience with a product and share customer reviews about it, but when it comes down to determining the popularity of a product, the question is:

What are people buying? 

In the name of transparency and pure curiosity, we’ve decided to start a monthly numbers series that focuses on a different category. At the end of each month, we’ll take a look at the quantity sold of a specific category (kayaks, SUPs, paddles, and fishing) and feature the top 5 products.

Here are our top 5 paddles sold in April:

1. Bending Branches Whisper Dream

Our biggest seller!
This is a basic, durable and well-priced paddle with features common on more advanced paddles, so it’s no wonder this one’s a popular pick.

2. Carlisle Magic Mystic Fiberglass Paddle

Also a good introductory paddle, the Carlisle Magic comes in three striking colors.

3. FeelFree Angler Paddle Camo 

Our first paddle of the picks designed specifically for anglers! The blades have a measurement bar and you’ve got the choice of deciding between FOUR different camo options: Blue Camo, Lime Camo, Desert Camo or Winter Camo (who knew there was so much camo variety?!)

4. Carlisle Predator Fiberglass Angler Paddle

Another angler paddle, this paddle’s integrated hook retrieval notch is an awesome asset for anyone who’s dealt with a stuck lure on a tree or bush (who hasn’t?). The longer length is ideal for wider kayaks with higher seats and the blade colors pair well with certain kayaks if you’re into coordinating your paddle with your yak.

5. Bending Branches Angler Classic Kayak Paddle

This paddle has its measurement on the shaft (instead of the blade like the FeelFree Angler) and the integrated hook retrieval notch. It’s also the lightest angler paddle of the bunch, weighing only 35 oz.


There ya have it, two recreational and three angler paddles! Now remember, this is just a glimpse into what people were buying most over the course of April. It’s likely that this list will change in May, and so on. Or maybe not! We’ll see.

You can check out our full paddle selection here.

To inspire next month’s blog, we want to hear from you! Let us know in the comments which category of items – kayaks, SUPs, or fishing – you’d like to see featured.