For those who don’t know, we offer four Go Play Days (paid workdays) a year for all employees to get outside and learn more about our products through personal experience. Of course, it doesn’t take much pushing to get ACK-ers outside. 

Here’s a blog by ACK Warehouse Associate Chris Fischer documenting his experience hiking and camping in Caprock Canyons State Park, about six hours north of Austin, Texas: 

We camped in Caprock Canyons State Park for two nights and hiked all three days. The experience was probably the best I’ve ever had camping anywhere, and it probably wouldn’t have worked out if I didn’t have help from work-the gear that ACK provided make the trip possible. We hiked a trail called Upper Canyon Trail (the trailhead was about 20 ft. from our camp site at the South Prong Camping are) and connected with the Canyon Loop Trail which took a total of five hours. We spent one of those hours climbing uphill!

Four miles in, the trail lead us to this cave cut out in the middle of the canyon called Fern Cave.

Once we got to Fern Cave, we took some photos, ate lunch and then finished the trail. The conclusion of the trail was about two hours walking down and out of the canyon through the north prong of the canyon. After we finished hiking the trail, we headed back to our base camp to start up the Primus 2-burner stove/grill combo, got out the GSI Bugaboo Camper Cookset, cooked up some taters and venison for a well deserved dinner with our camping stove, then we watched the stars until we went to sleep. 

Base camp with the Kelty Trail Ridge 4 Tent & the Kelty Trail Ridge 6 Tent


It’s likely you’ll see bison roaming around if you venture out to Caprock Canyon State Park (the park has 90 miles of trails, so there’s a lot to explore).


  1. Do you remember what campsite number this was? Did it feel private? We are headed there with 4 young children and want the views but also privacy. Thanks for any tips on picking a site in the South Prong Tent area.