Newer kayak models have newer, more advanced parts… I know, I’m stating the obvious here. But while that’s true, you don’t necessarily need to buy a completely new kayak if you feel like you’re lacking in a certain department.

Considering that sit-on-top kayaking (and kayak fishing) requires a lot of sitting, it makes sense that your kayak seat is an important accessory. So go ahead and customize it to your liking! Go big. Your back and backside will thank you.  Kayak seat comfort comes from two main features: the height of the chair (opt for a high back) and the amount of cushioning. We’ve got plenty of options that can fit most sit-on-top kayaks.

Kayak seat comfort comes from two main features: the height of the chair (opt for a high back) and the amount of cushioning.

Here’s a look at our selection:

The Budget Pick: ACKcessories Basic Kayak Seat

Do you know we carry our own line of ACKcessories? Now you do! This seat is a no-frills option that fits most sit-on-top kayaks, reinforced with fiberglass to keep its shape.

The Extra (Lumbar) Support Picks: Comfy Deluxe Big Back Kayak Seat or Skwoosh High Back Seat with Lumbar Support

Comfy Deluxe Big Back Seat


Skwoosh High Back Seat with Lumbar Support

“Lumbar” simply refers to the area of the back around your lower spine. The defining feature of both of these seats is the high back and adjustable lumbar bar, aka more back support. Both also have extra handy features like a zippered pocket, and the Comfy Deluxe (another of our own accessory brands) has two water bottle holders. The Skwoosh (as the name hints) also has a squishy seat, making it an all-around ideal option for long paddles.

The Next-Level Comfort Pick: Surf to Summit GTS Expedition High Back Seat

This seat has serious foam padding throughout, making it one of the most comfortable, universal seats on the market. Something to note: Comfort doesn’t mean “soft.” The extra padding isn’t going to cause you to sink into the seat; instead, it’s firm and durable, which is good for your posture during a long day of paddling or fishing.

The Angler Pick: Cloud 10 Gear High Back Sportsman Sit-On-Top Seat Cushion

This seat’s material is premium quality; it’s sun-proof, water-permeable and air-flow friendly, meaning it’ll keep you cool throughout the day. But what makes it an “angler pick” is the mesh pocket (for your gear) and the two deep rod holders.

We’ve also got brand-specific kayak seats (i.e. Hobie, Wildnerness Systems, etc.); head over here for our entire inventory or filter by the brand you’re looking for on the left sidebar.

(P.S. We’ve got canoe seats, too.)

Not looking to part ways with your seat for a comfier replacement?

If you’re already happy with your seat but think it could use extra cushioning, consider supplementing with a seat pad like the Cloud 10 Gear Seat Cushion. Just looking for extra support for your sore back? We feel you. Invest in a back band.

As you can see, there are boundless opportunities to reach your maximum comfort level on the water. As always, if you have any questions about the products we mentioned or one that we didn’t include in this post, hit us up in the comments.


  1. Hi! I have a Sundolphin Aruba 10 that my husband needs a higher seat for…it’s a sit in. Do you offer anything that would work? The current seat is actually screwed into the kayak. Thank you, Sue

    1. We do not offer an elevated seat option for sit inside kayaks. Though you could look into getting one with more cushioning. This could potentially raise the paddler 2-3 inches depending on the seat.

  2. I have a sit in side, Old Town Trip Kayak and I’m really wanting to upgrade my seat. I would like a stadium style seat that is comfortable and higher them what I currently have. Please send me any information that I could benefit from…

    1. Hey Robert, we do no recommend using a stadium style seat with a sit inside kayak. You could add a more rigid seat with some added cushion, but we do not offer a stadium option for sit inside kayaks.

  3. Hi Larisa,
    I am new to kayaking. I just bought my wife a beginner kayak a pelican trailblazer 100. The seat in it is not the greatest. I was wondering if there is a seat you could recommend. Thank you for your help.

  4. Larisa,

    Just got a Field and Stream Eagle Talon Kayak… I have not the best back and this article was intriguing to me. Can you recommend a seat that would fit this yak that is good with back support? I’d love to consider an option that was raised off the yak a bit to allow for more comfort, but if I can’t get something raised to fit, then I’ll go for the best one that keeps me on the boat. Thanks a million.

      1. I’ll go with the skwoosh. However my kayak does not have a place of attachment for the two straps behind the seat. Can I get a variation of straps? Are there kayak places that would add secure attachments to the kayak?

  5. Hi Larisa! (if it’s you reading this) I’ve got a Hobie Quest kayak and I need a new seat, preferably one with a high back. Can you recommend a moderately priced seat? Thank you!