Spring break’s just around the corner, and the trip possibilities are endless. It’s that time of year when everyone’s doing something different; some people are going to the beach, while others are heading to the slopes. And of course, there’s always the paddlers and campers. Wherever you’re going, you’re probably looking to keep your drink cool and indulge in some extreme relaxation.

We’ve taken the diversity of spring break into account in this comprehensive gear guide, where you’ll find products for paddling and snowshoeing, car camping and general traveling.

Coolers & Drinkware

For a lot of people, spring break means time spent in the sun. And time spent in the sun means easily transported cold drinks is a priority. Here are a few picks from our gear guide that will guarantee your beverage(s) of choice are portable and never reach that undrinkable lukewarm temperature:

IceMule Pro Backpack Cooler Large 20L

We always hear such good reviews of IceMule soft coolers in general, and the backpack straps on this one particular model make it ideal for anyone searching for a soft cooler with big, big points in the portability department. It holds 18 cans + ice, so load it up for a day of tubing or fishing and you’re set.


“Desert sun has scorched these coolers. Blizzards have frozen them. Bears have gnawed on them. They have tumbled off trucks and cliffs. All the while, Tundra coolers have kept their cool. ” With this description, you probably won’t need to buy another cooler ever again if you invest in this one. Take it on camping trips, family picnics, fishing excursions (it’s definitely a sturdy enough cooler to use as a standing platform on your boat!) and more.

It’s a duffel bag and a cooler… Enough said.

GSI Outdoors Stainless Hip Flask – 6 oz.

I mean… Do I have to go into the advantages of this handy accessory? It’s spring break. You know you want one.

Car Camping + General Travel

Eureka Jade Canyon 4-Person Tent

Eureka! Spring break is the perfect time to go camping, before the stifling 40+ degree heat and mosquitoes of summer make you reconsider the sweat fest that is summer camping (at least in Texas). This pick, equipped with interior vertical walls, is great for families, two couples, four single people… whatever combination of camping crew you feel comfortable sharing a tent with.

GSI Outdoors Bugaboo Camper Cookset

Planning on more elaborate meals than trail mix and sandwiches on your camping trip? GSI will improve your base camp cooking game. Easy to clean and easy to pack, this set brings anything you’d ever need from your home kitchen into the outdoors.

Klymit Static V Sleeping Pad

Waking up slowly to natural light streaming into your tent is a wonderful feeling… unless you’re distracted by the aching of your sore back from a night of sleeping on the cold, rocky ground. The insulation of a sleeping bag alone be enough, but you can avoid all that by investing in a sleeping pad – this compact one only takes 10 – 15 breaths to blow up!

Yakima DryTop Rooftop Cargo Bag

This product will add 16 cubic feet of storage to your car, and you don’t have to worry about it being affected by the elements. ACK customer Ian Buckley can attest to its durability after an 8-hour road trip: “We ran into a rain storm for about a half an hour and all of our stuff was dry.”

ENO Singlenest Hammock

I associate the word “chill” with a hammock. Honestly, I can’t really think of anything more relaxing than being suspended from two trees; if you string a hammock up on a camping trip, you’ll always find a person napping or reading in it! This affordable pick from ENO comes in a lot of different colors, and the fact that it’s incredibly lightweight makes it a great addition to a backpacking adventure as well!

Crazy Creek Original Camp Chair

This is a unique twist to a traditional camping chair, but don’t mistake its lack of legs for lack of support and comfort. Its simple design makes it ideal for festivals and concerts too! You’ll have those around you jealous of the innovation.

Wind Pouch GO Inflatable Hammock

Photo: Wind Pouch

We just recently got a couple of these for the office, and it’s difficult to resist plopping into one of them instead of my usual desk chair. The Wind Pouch is such a versatile product– for spring break purposes, I imagine floating on a lake while sipping a beer (and yes, it has a bottle pocket).

We’ve focused a lot on water activities because that’s our main thing. However, we totally recognize that some people are more into snowsports during spring break and yes, we DO sell snow stuff! Like these awesome snowshoe kits:

This kit comes with trekking poles and a carry case, all you need for a relaxing (or challenging, depending on what you’re going for) snow adventure!

Same kit as above, designed for women.


  1. I need to add roof racks to my sedan so I can take my kayaks on trips. The question I have is can you put them on a car with a sunroof? If so,then what brand would you suggest?

    1. Laura, yes you can, as long as you have a proper roof rack system. We have several brands to choose from. I would suggest you email (customer@austinkayak.com) or call us so that we can properly outfit you with the correct roof rack at 888-828-3828.