For those who don’t know, we offer four Go Play Days (paid workdays) a year for all employees to get outside and learn more about our products through personal experience.

Of course, it doesn’t take much pushing to get ACK-ers outside. 

Here’s a photo blog by ACK San Marcos Store Associate Mark Standley documenting his experience kayaking Canyon Lake, about an hour southwest of Austin, Texas: 

I find it helpful to put my life preserver on the trunk of the car to slowly slide the kayak off of the roof rack. Here you can see how easy it is to slide the kayak off the top of the car using the life preserver and also to put on the wheels so that I can roll that right from my car to the boat ramp. Launching at a boat ramp, especially at Canyon Lake, is easy when there’s not a lot of boats around. This time of the year, people prefer staying indoors. So it’s the perfect time for us kayakers to be out fishing or doing photography.


I also find it helpful to put a bicycle lock from the headrest of my car to the metal bar on my Hobie outback. This secures it when I’m not around the car for somebody who might like to steal my kayak.


Kayaking certainly helps you to see more wildlife from the water as opposed to the land. It’s a quiet way to approach animals. And in the winter, light photography can be fun from the water. Using the Hobie Mirage Drive  allows me to shoot pictures while I’m peddling the kayak to get in the right position for the shot.


And of course, sunsets and kayaking make a good combination. It’s really interesting to see how when you’re on the water you see so much more of the sky in the horizon than on the land. Overall, a great day out on Canyon Lake with my kayak!