Valentine’s Day is just the around the corner. You didn’t forget, did you? It’s all good! That’s why we’ve got same-day shipping, to spare you from empty-handed holidays of significance.

What better way to spark or reignite the romance than giving the gift of adventure?

Outdoor gear lasts way longer than chocolate or flowers…And the physical and psychological effects of nature means you’re essentially handing your partner the gift of good health, too.

All right, you don’t need any more convincing.

Here’s the ACK Valentine Day’s Gift Guide we put together to get your creative juices flowing:

For Women

NRS Vibe Water Shoes

I remember seeing these introduced to the office during our Product Knowledge (PK) Fridays and thinking to myself, “Wow, I would actually wear those.” NRS has managed to combine the functionality of a water shoe with the style of sneaker, and they did it well. This shoe’s advertised as “from put-in to camp, takeout to pub,” so if you’ve got a partner who enjoys doing it all but doesn’t want to worry about shoe changes, this is a unique idea. Think she’d be more into a sandal? Check out our women’s footwear selection here.

Happy Camper Trucker Cap

Anyone should appreciate the gift of sun protection… but a regular ol’ hat for Valentine’s Day doesn’t have much of a “wow” factor. That is, unless it’s a super cute trucker hat like this one. This one’s for the trail lovers and campers!




Ocean Kayak Venus 11 Kayak – Deluxe Package

Are you feeling extra giving this year? If you’re in the mindset to splurge and introduce your partner to kayaking, this is an awesome deal. In addition to the kayak, the package comes with a NRS Vista PFD in your choice of size and color, a Bending Branches Whisper Dream paddle, installed hatch and a bungee paddle leash. I’d say this one’s sure to surprise her.

CamelBak Solstice 10 LR Hydration Backpack

Gifting a CamelBak is thoughtful, because they’re so handy to have during most outdoor activities. I got my own CamelBak (a HydroBak) as a birthday gift last year and still think of the person who gave it to me fondly when I take it out. The CamelBak Solstice is the Queen of hydration packs because of the storage space; even though it’s labeled a mountain biking (MTB) hydration pack, it’s ideal for hiking as well!

For Men

For some reason, Valentine’s Day typically conjures up the chocolate and flower imagery. Not that they’re anything wrong with either of those (flowers are beautiful and chocolate is delicious) but more often than not, it’s seems like it’s expected that men give women presents on this holiday. Why not both? Ladies, we’ve got plenty of stuff your guy would enjoy. It’s difficult to narrow down the selection, but here are some ideas…

NRS Vibe Water Shoe

Look familiar? Yup, it’s the men’s equivalent to the NRS put-in to pub shoe. I can’t get enough of recommending this shoe! The design is just too good. Maybe you and your partner will both read this guide independently of each other and buy matching shoes as gifts! Awww.

NRS H2Core Silkweight Long Sleeve Shirt

Every paddler needs a base layer! Spring’s coming up, so it’s time to take the kayak out of storage (if you haven’t already because it’s been such a warm winter). Help your guy protect his skin and keep his cool from the scorching sun with this long-sleeve nylon-spandex shirt that wicks sweat away.

IceMule Pro Backpack Cooler Large 20L

Speaking of cooling off under the brutal sun… This backpack cooler is the perfect gift for an adventurer who likes to dabble in everything. Whether he’s kayak fishing, camping, or at a music festival, this soft cooler is easy to transport and can hold up to 18 cans + ice.

Primus Profile Dual 2-Burner Stove-Grill Combo

Dating a camper? Or just someone who really loves football and tailgating? The lightweight portability of the Primus will completely revolutionize both of those activities.

Enjoy Together

ENO Doublenest Hammock

Maybe the idea of this category is kinda weird because you’re technically also getting yourself a gift, but outdoor activities with your partner makes for great bonding! After all, that’s probably one of the similar interests that drew you two together. What jumps to mind as a great present are the 2-person hammocks like the ENO Doublenest or the Grand Trunk Galatic Tie-Dye Hammock. If you want to try something completely new, check out the It’s not like these REQUIRE two people, so your partner can still enjoy the gift on their own, but they’ll want to share the fun with you.

Treat Yourself

Single? No shame in that game. Why not show yourself some self-love by getting some gear you’ve always wanted? I’m not going to pretend like I know what you’re into, but think of what would add genuine happiness to your life. Any products been on your mind lately? If you’re a kayak fisher, maybe it’s that accessory you’ve always wanted to upgrade your rig. No need to get fancy with it – be practical.

Of course, anything we carry could qualify as a Valentine’s Day present. If nothing in this gear guide jumped out at you as being *THE GIFT* for your partner, don’t fret. We’ve got more.

Spread the love of the outdoors!