Once your hands get cold, you just can’t stop thinking about how cold you are. At least, that’s how it goes for me. I get it, cold hands (and feet) are explained by the evolutionary¬†survival strategy your body kicks into motion in extreme weather, pumping blood to your core to keep you alive. So thanks, body! You rock. But I can’t concentrate on enjoying activities I love if I feel like I’ve got two icicles for hands.

If you want the option for more maneuverability, get a pair of fingerless gloves.

My mom tells me she had the same issue with exceptionally bad hand circulation when she was younger, and to not fret because it improves over time.

But I’d rather not wait, so this piece “Problem: Solving Cold Hands” from our sister blog skis.com comes in handy. ūüėČ

After giving that a read, browse through our full selection of gloves (we have ski gloves for cold weather AND paddling gloves for sunny weather) at ACK.com and stock up on some hand warmers!