You’ve probably heard us refer to ACK as “Your Kayak Fishing HQ” lately. That’s because, although we carry a variety of outdoor gear for a variety of adventures, kayak fishing is our thing. But if we’re going to call ourselves that, we realized¬†it’d be valuable to create a resource that both kayak fishing newbies and veterans would find helpful.

That idea materialized into our new kayak fishing page that went live this week!


Whether you’re in the beginning stage of choosing a type of kayak, looking for basic gear or more advanced rigging, or you just want to dive into the kayak fishing world through blogs and videos about the sport (a lifestyle for many), it’s all here – in one place. No more digging around only to be frustrated and overwhelmed by the bulk of information.

We like to keep it simple.

Check it out, show us some love, give us feedback!



  1. Good morning,

    I am in the market for my first kayak and I love to fish rivers and lakes, in your opinion would a Pescador Pro 100 Be a good choice for me? i am 61 years young have been wading for over 25 years and have a reasonable idea of my the pescador pro /with the seat pulled out weigh52 lbs and I believe it would be manageable to lift up in my roof rack. Im 5’8 200 lbs and hopefully down a few lbs before fishing season. I have seen the jackson products jump in price and the natives ultimate seemed like a good choice but money and the thought of filling it up with water in a spill leads me to a SOT. I live in Illinois and i’m a bit concerned of shipping damage and how that gets resolved. any feedback you could offer me would be greatly appreciated. God bless hope you enjoy your Sunday!