It’s hard not to get hooked by the portability of an inflatable SUP (stand up paddleboard)! Since I don’t personally own a kayak/SUP or a car rack to transport a rental, I always reserve our office’s inflatable for paddle trips – it rolls up snugly into a bag with straps so you can carry it like a (clumsy-looking) backpack, unpack it and pump it up for a quick launch – a much quicker process than unloading a kayak.

ACK Customer Relationship Manager Jacob on his Imagine Mission LTE Inflatable SUP. Yes, inflatables ARE stable enough to hold giant YETI coolers.

Ease of both storage and transport are two of the main factors that make inflatables stand out from your regular solid board, and so they’re increasingly popular among younger people (generally speaking, a demographic with less disposable income and smaller living space) looking for an easy way to get out on the water. But they’re a great option for anyone, including families looking to add a fun toy to their outdoor recreation closet (pun intended – you can fit multiple inflatables in a small closet).

Jenna from our sister blog describes the moment she realized she could use one in her life:

“In the past, I always classified inflatables as being for the person who lived in an apartment and didn’t have space, or the person who wanted to fly somewhere and take it with them. But what about me, the person who just wanted to pack an extra toy without strapping the boats up? Or what about going out for a weekend with a group and needing an extra vessel for someone to paddle?”

If you think YOU could use an inflatable SUP in your life, browse our selection and let us know if you have any questions about the relatively new paddling phenomenon!