The best part of Demo Days is being able to try the newest and best boats and accessories. For the upcoming Fall Demo Days, these are two boats that caught our attention.

You’ll definitely want to give these a try!

Johnson Old Town Predator PDL

otpred (1)

The Predator PDL hull was designed in conjunction with the PDL Drive for the perfect combination of stability and speed. It will get you to your favorite fishing spots quickly and efficiently, and the the seamless forward and reverse will give you precise boat control in wind and currents. The drive installs in seconds and can be tipped up out of the way instantly for obstructions and shallow water docking. At 21 lbs, the PDL Drive is so lightweight that it will even float.

To learn more about the Predator PDL you can view the brochure online or check out the video. It’s now available for pre-order on our website!

Hobie Eclipse Paddle Boards

The all-new Hobie Mirage Eclipse SUP is taking stand-up to a whole new level. This incredibly stable board is fun and easy to use for beginners and experienced paddlers alike. There’s minimal setup, so it’s easy to go from the car to the water, and rudder controls on the handlebars make steering the Eclipse easy and intuitive.

The Mirage Eclipse is the perfect board for someone who wants to take their fitness out of the gym and on to the water.

Here’s a video highlighting all of the features the Hobie Mirage Eclipse has to offer!

Hobie Eclipse Paddle Boards are available for pre-order on our website as well. 

– Andrea