Interested in trying your hand at kayak fishing? Awesome! If you’re a newbie, hopefully our energy about kayak fishing culture has gotten you eager to hit the water yourself. But before you head out your first trip, you’ll need to cover minimal gear basics. Imagine the excitement of catching your first fish and the subsequent disappointment when you realize you don’t have anything to store it in. Not fun. Some things just require planning.

We filmed these two videos to help you visualize what you’ll need. As Carlos states in the first one, not all kayaks are specifically fishing kayaks but all kayaks can be equipped for successful fishing!

This second one is specific to offshore kayak fishing, which has its own unique requirements. The ACK crew filmed it on a recent excursion out on the coast in Corpus Christi, Texas!

And always remember: “If you like it, leash it.” If that’s confusing to you, watch the videos and you’ll get the reference!