Kayak fishing can mean long hours on the water, and that means investing in the proper apparel to keep you comfortable is a must. And while appearance may be an after-thought, NRS’s new 2016 line is looking pretty good. As fall approaches, the right gear and layering guarantees a safe and enjoyable trip.

Wonder why your hands and feet always feel colder than the rest of your body? It’s natural, a circumstance of your body retaining heat in the core of your body – all those vital organs! – by restricting blood vessels in your most external body parts. And so, the NRS HydroSkin Socks and the NRS Fuse Kayak Gloves will keep you warm in cooler months by reducing heat loss; both will also shield you from any discomfort from prolonged exposure, like raw spots from water sandals or blisters from paddling. As the name suggests, you can put the HydroSkin socks under your water shoes of choice for a snug, comfortable fit.

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Alright, so we’ve covered the most vulnerable areas, now onto the limbs!

The Guide Series line offer shorts and pants to accommodate all preferences and weather scenarios. Here in Texas, shorts are still ideal for fall whereas the convertible pants may be a better investment for northern states because they’re essentially a 2-in-1 item that offers adaptability on the go. The ankle zips let you take off the bottom part of the pants with your shoes on, and the five pockets offer more than enough storage to store all your essentials. The shorts have a similar construction as the pants, made of the same super comfortable 4-way stretch Element fabric and 1″ adjustable webbing waist belt.

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When it comes to your upper body, the H2Core Silkweight Long Sleeve shirt is a good option for layering on those chilly, sunny days. By itself, it’s great for just plain hot days; people sometimes mistakenly assume they need to be wearing as little clothing as possible in the summer, but that’s a horrible idea. You’re way, way better off with a long-sleeve shirt made out of a lightweight, spandex blend fabric that’ll dry moisture easily and provide SPF protection (the H2Core has UPF 20 protection). The relaxed fit of the shirt makes it feel virtually unnoticeable on the skin.

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For more extreme cold weather conditions, we can’t recommend the Sidewinder Bib Dry Pants enough. The wader is tough but designed to be comfortable, allowing enough space for your PFD. You decide on how you snug you want it by controlling the waist Velcro belt; and the biggest advantage (for men, that is) is probably the waterproof relief zipper that solves the annoying challenge of having to remove your PFD and other layers to answer nature’s call.


It feels a wee bit premature to be talking about fall kayaking gear here in Austin, Texas because our summer feels infinitely long (it definitely extends beyond the calendar season) but we know that cooler days are just around the corner for many ACK-ers, so it’s good information to have on your radar.

Let us know what excites you about the new gear!