ACK Fall Demo Days are right around the corner and we hope you plan to come spend the day with us! For those of you who are unfamiliar with the event, our demo days happen twice a year: once in the spring and once in the fall. The weekends are a time for everyone to get on the water and test 90+ boats. We’ll have both ACK staff and vendor representatives available to answer any and all questions and drop some knowledge bombs where needed.

This year we are celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Demo Days and we wanted to pass along the knowledge we have gained over the past decade to help you have the perfect experience. 

You may will get wet:

That’s kinda the point, right? Our goal at Demo Days is to get everyone out on the water. Whether you are an expert paddler or just want to see what the SUP rage is all about, you will most likely get wet. We highly encourage all attendees to dress in comfy clothes that can stand to get a little wet. This includes footwear; nothing is worse than spending the day in a waterlogged sneaker. Options like the Teva Churn Water Shoe or the Astral Loyak Water Shoe will help you have a great day on the water.

You will be out in the sun:

No surprise here, Demo Days are outdoors. This means you will be spending a majority of your day under the hot Texas sun. Prepare yourself and your family from the harmful UV rays by loading up on sunscreen before getting out to demo your favorite kayak. You will also want to plan ahead to stay hydrated. ACK is here to help, so we are happy to have water jugs filled to the brim and free for all visitors. But if you don’t want to keep coming back for the paper cups we provide, you should probably bring along your own water bottle so that you can spend more time testing out boats and less time at the water fountain. Check out these Camelbak bottles or the YETI Rambler 30, which not only holds enough water to keep you well hydrated but will also keep the ice you put in there in the morning all day long! Lastly, don’t forget the classic sun blocking accessories – a great pair of sunglasses or perhaps a hat

Make it a family event:

Family fun at our 2015 Spring Demo Days.
Family fun at our 2015 Spring Demo Days.

Demo Days are fun for the whole family! We are fully aware that we sound like a cheesy amusement park ad, but it’s true. It is never too early to spark that light in your kids for an appreciation of the great outdoors. Get them out on a kayak or sit them on the front of your SUP. From our experience, kids have some of the best times at our demos. This fun also extends to the furry members of your family! Our demos are pet-friendly, but we please ask that you keep your four-legged friends on a leash.  

You will learn something:

This is the driving force that keeps bringing demos back! There is no “one-size-fits-all” kayak or SUP, and that is why we want to give everyone the option to learn about all the products we offer. Whether you are gaining hands-on experience paddling a new boat or attending one of our informative clinics, we hope you learn something new. We promise there won’t be a quiz at the end.

Be ready to experience something new:

Have you ever actually tried a stand-up paddleboard? What about an inflatable kayak? There are always exciting new products in the outdoor market and we want to give you the opportunity to try them out. Think of coming to Demo Days as being a kid in a candy store where you can touch everything. Depart your comfort zone and try something you’ve never considered to make your demo experience the most memorable.

There you have it! You’re basically a demo pro. So get geared up and head down to our Fall Demo Days. For more information, head to See you there!

– Andrea