When it comes to fishing, the majority of my personal experience is with a conventional rod, not fly fishing. However, hanging out with fly fishing aficionados like Ryan Schaper and Nate Wilson from our Austin store has certainly sparked an interest in getting more involved with the fly fishing scene. Attending the screening of the 2016 Fly Fishing Film Tour (F3T) took that interest and transformed it into a new mission. I walked out of Austin’s iconic Paramount theatre lusting to become one of the badass fly fishermen I saw on the big screen.

With the amazing cinematography, insane fishing, and passionate stories shared it might seem tough to pick a favorite part of this event, but for me it 100% was the energy in the theatre. Being in an audience with several hundred folks who shared such as strong passion for fly fishing was inspiring. The enthusiasm was contagious. We all cheered together as an angler reeled in a Golden Dorado in the jungles of Bolivia. Where else can you share that kind of experience?

Unless you fell asleep (which would have been next to impossible the way we were interacting with the films) everyone walked out of the theater with a renewed passion for fly fishing. F3T took us everywhere from Saskatchewan, Canada to Zambia, Africa and featured milkfish, steelhead, and cutthroat trout among many others.

In addition to allowing us to experience amazing adventures through world class fly fishing footage, F3T is dedicated towards supporting local non-profits and environmental organizations. A portion of ticket sales goes towards fishing and habitat related conservation groups. At the event, we were selling raffle tickets to support
Foster Angels of Central Texas, a nonprofit dedicated to providing foster children with life-enriching and life-enhancing experiences (like fly fishing trips!).

f3twinner (1)As a sponsor, ACK was raffling off the
Kaku Kahuna fishing SUP. We are so thankful to our friends at Kaku Kayaks for generously donating this SUP for the raffle prize. With its stability, versatility, and durability this SUP is ideal for anglers (especially fly fishers because of the clean, open deck). Our winner was beyond stoked!

If you’re looking for adventure and want to support a great cause, I highly suggest catching a screening of the 2016 F3T! You can view the full schedule of showings here.

Devyn, Future badass fly fisherwoman