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As a military brat, it’s tough to “officially” say where Warren of our Austin, Texas store is from – he was born in Georgia, bopped around several states, and even spent time living in Japan – until his family settled in Northern California. He found his way into the ACK family after stopping by our store to pick up some gear, “My wife and I had just moved to Austin from California three days ago and I couldn’t find our anchors anywhere – maybe the never even made it into the uHaul…either way, it was a sign. You see, ACK was one of the first stores I wanted to visit so this was a great excuse to stop by. After looking around and taking in the incredible selection I noticed a ‘Help Wanted’ sign when checking out at the register. Two years later I’m still living the dream.”

SalmonWarren comes from a family of anglers so it’s no surprise he’s a great asset to our team and the go to guy when it comes to questions about fish finders or custom fabrications as his experience covers a breadth of styles fishing from boats, kayaks, and canoes.He started fishing when his family was stationed in California,  “They have so many great options for fresh fish and the coast was just a couple hours away so I could go saltwater fishing. I then moved to Seattle, Washington which is a fantastic place for salmon, crabs, and sushi. The waters are cold, but the heart of the fisherman are warm.”

Warren is happy to share his passion for fishing with our customers. One of his favorite parts about working at ACK is the opportunity to build a relationship with customers. If you’re a regular he’ll not only know you by your kayak, but If you take the time to get to know him, he’ll happily take you out for a guided fishing trip. One of the characteristics about ACK that drove the desire to join our team was the “open arms and welcoming atmosphere” which is something he makes an effort to continue replicating with all our shoppers.Warren_Outback

As with all our ACKers in our “Getting to Know Us” series, when asked about the sauce he’d like to be dipped in Warren thought creamy chipotle would be the one because “it tastes so good!”.

Devyn, Suddenly craving some chipotle for my sandwich 😛