What are paddle floats for? If you’ve never seen a kayak paddle float in action, it can be a bit confusing to know what paddle floats are for which is why our Customer Relationship Mangers get this question all the time. The very first time I saw the NRS Sea Kayak Paddle Float, I thought it was simply for recovering a paddle after you drop it in the water. While it would certainly help in that situation, there’s much more functionality behind this piece of gear. Paddle floats are designed to stabilize your boat in an unassisted re-entry scenario. For a great step by step tutorial, kayakpaddling.net provides easy to follow instructions on paddle float re-entry technique.

floatsThere are two styles of paddle floats available,
foam or inflatable. In my experience, apart from needing to blow up the inflatable paddle floats, there isn’t much difference between the two from a functionality perspective so you’re good to choose whichever best fits your needs and space capacity onboard. When it comes to paddle floats, they definitely fall into the category of something you’re going to be wishing you had as you struggle to get back in your kayak after capsizing so save yourself the trouble and check them out!

Devyn, Always looking to save you from struggling