SUP Kaku

One of the coolest things about working with ACK is access to people like Carlos Andreu, our Fleet Sales Manager, who is incredibly passionate about the growing sport of SUP fishing. I’ve enjoyed my fair share of time on a SUP, but never for more than paddling around the lake or on the coast so I was really curious to chat with Carlos and learn how to rig your SUP for fishing. He broke it down into the three components you’ll want to consider:


There are some SUPs specifically designed for fishing like Live Watersports L2Fish (this board is so sick, I wrote a whole blog about why I love the L2Fish!) which makes things super easy because there’s a built in track system for all your Railblaza, Scotty, and YakAttack gear. There are also plenty of tie down locations so you have more flexibility for attaching coolers and safely securing cargo. If you’re working with a non-fishing specific SUP, your gear placement will depend on the configuration of your tie down locations, leash plug, and if your board is fiberglass, made of an epoxy resin, or has an EVA foam deck. If you’re working with your leash plug, we offer RAM adapters and YakAttack SUP leash plug adapters you can pair with your favorite accessories.


The next thing to take into consideration is what to do with your paddle while you’re fishing. If you’re working with a hard-board, you can use something like SUPThings Super Suction Deck Rigging to secure your paddle. If not, something like the YakAttack SUP leash plug adapter with paddle holder is your best bet. Now that your paddle has been taken care up, we have to figure out what to do with the rest of your gear, which leads us to storage.


When it comes to storage, a cooler will be your bff. It provides you with seating, a place to mount rod holders and other accessories, and (most importantly) stores food and drinks! Engel’s dry box cooler 30 with rod holders has everything you need right out of the box, isn’t too heavy, and can be fixed with a cushion for extra comfort when you’re using it as a seat. PFDs are another place to maximize storage. Typically when you’re on a SUP, you’ll use a belt pack PFD like the Fluid Inflatable Belt Pack PFD by MTI, however if you instead opt for a fishing specific PFD like the Kokatat Bahia Tour Fishing Life Jacket you’ll get the bonus of easily accessible storage for lures, your fishing license, extractors, and any other smaller pieces of gear you like having handy.

 If you’re already a fan of kayak fishing, I highly encourage you to give SUP fishing a try. You’ll find the height advantage from standing on a SUP as compared to sitting in a kayak allows for better ability to spot fish from a much greater distance. And, if you’re a fly fisher, the “cleaner” platform is especially advantageous as there are far fewer potential snag points. When you’re out SUP fishing, you have the advantage of working with a completely blank slate. SUP fishing provides you with the flexibility to rig your SUP exactly how you want for your specific fishing style. With that in mind, I would love to see how y’all rig your SUPs so please remember to share your pictures on the ACK Facebook page or tag  @Austin_Kayak on your Instagram posts!

Devyn, Super SUPer (in the making)