I’ll camp any time of year, but in fall it’s absolutely magical. Trees transform into a brilliant mosaic of reds, yellows, and rich browns as their leaves adjust to the new season. The air is crisp (100+ degrees is too hot for a sleeping bag, sorry summer). The days, however, are still warm enough so you can go out and take a dip in a swimming hole after a hike. Most don’t realize fall camping is where it’s at – here are three of the biggest secrets for why fall camping is the best:

1. Fewer Crowds

When summer comes to an end, many people mistakenly think this also means camping season is over. Definitely not the case at all, but hey, I’m not complaining. Fewer campers makes it much easier to secure a coveted lakeside tent site or check out spots that are always booked like Enchanted Rock near Fredericksburg, here in Texas. You’re also less likely to encounter large crowds on the trails or deal with noisy neighbors the next campsite over.

2. More Active Wildlife

Just like us, animals tend to avoid the heat and hide out during the hot summer months. With the cooler air, you’re more likely to see animals romping around when you go out for a hike. If you’re lucky enough to get out on the water too, anglers will find fish biting more than during the summer. Fish may not be as active during the hottest months but as temperatures cool they’ll be much more active because that biological urge to fatten up for the winter is kicking in._JWP8510_NewRiverGorge

3. Way More Comfortable

Let’s face it, with summer camping (especially in the country’s southernmost states) your tent can take on the characteristics of a sweat lodge which makes things a lot less fun. Not to mention having to deal with all those pesky bug bites. In fall, things are much cooler at night and there are far fewer bugs swarming about so you don’t have to worry about constantly dousing yourself in bug spray. You can focus on enjoying nature and get a good night’s rest in your cozy sleeping bag.

Fall camping is also a great opportunity to test out gear. Since conditions are less extreme than in winter you can decide if certain items will carryover for cold weather. For example, all summer long you witnessed how amazingly well that new ORCA Chaser Insulated Tumbler kept your drinks cold. With that brisk fall air upon us, you can see just how well it works for your hot cider or morning coffee. (spoiler: It’s just as amazing at keeping your drinks infinitely hot – but, what else would you expect from ORCA?)

What are your thoughts on fall camping? Do you have any other reasons why it’s the absolute best? I’d love to hear so please comment below!

Devyn Stewart,
Social Media Coordinator