Yaktrax Pro Winter Shoe Traction Device

1. To put it simply the Yaktrax Pro Winter Shoe Traction Device is the destination tool for anyone living in a climate where winter and ice go hand in hand. The traction device molds to the shape of any shoe sole, allows you to move more naturally than would a crampon, and still provides you with that much needed grip on uneven volatile surfaces. The device is made with high-strength abrasion resistant steel coils as well as heavy duty natural rubber material, yet the traction’s final weight doesn’t even add up to seven ounces. The traction device is durable enough to withstand running, hiking, or just killing time in temperatures as low as -41 Fahrenheit. When comparing this traction device to its competitors, it’s important to note the considerable benefit of the Yaktrack’s adjustable velcro strap positioned on the top front of the shoe. The strap allows for a comfortable fit and assures the traction devices’ attachment to your shoe for the duration of your outing. This is the tool you are looking for if you plan to get outside this winter without having to compromise your safety or comfort.

Coghlans Trekking Umbrella

2. This is not an umbrella. It is a lightweight trekking pole, a temporary micro-shelter, a rain jacket, a tarp, a weapon, and sunscreen. The Coghlans Trekking Umbrella is your ultimate four season hiking/travel companion and not just because of its light weight rugged design. Don’t let its “compact-able” nature fool you, this versatile necessity isn’t as ordinary as it appears. The comfortable EVA handle includes an LED flashlight which allows for assessable trekking, whether your location be in a dark area of a large city or encompassed in the backwoods of Appalachia. The umbrella canopy has a vented feature (assisting in the buffering of strong winds) and opens up to a full 42 inches providing you with coverage against nature’s wildest elements. The breathable mesh carrying case assures dryness and protection so that your next venture is one of success. Hiking and backpacking with an umbrella is the way of the future. Don’t believe me? Get a second opinion!

Leki-Wanderfreund Anti-Shock Pole

3. Leki is a rightfully deserved industry leader. The European engineered Leki-Wanderfreund Anti-Shock Pole is crafted with lightweight aluminum, equipped with a rubber trekking tip that can be easily removed to unveil a carbide tip providing hikers with extra gripping abilities when required. The secure speed lock allows you an easy height adjustment system, no tools required. Rated strongest locking system in the world, the super lock is engineered to comfortably support more than 300 pounds. The grip is edge-less, lightweight, durable and crafted with you and your extensive trekking excursions in mind. The security strap is made with a comfortable wicking liner for less chaffing on the wrist and lower hand and the soft anti-shock makes for ideal suspension and cushioning on all terrain. The stick folds into three sections and is only about 23 inches when packed making it a fast and easy deploy mechanism, essential for any hike.

Expend Dreamwalker 450 Sleeping Bag

4. The Exped Dreamwalker 450 Sleeping Bag is hardly just a sleeping bag. Exped has created a multi-purpose outdoor toolkit designed to resemble a sleeping bag resembling a down winter jacket… Let me explain. The sleeping bag feature is designed for cold weather camping and is meant to move with you more similarly to a coat than to a typical sleeping bag. The hooded/collared area near the neck allow for warmth and weather protection but also can be accessed as a pillow when required. Think of it as well well engineered “snuggie” for the outdoors. Using it as a coat (in lieu of a sleeping bag) is as simple as securing the foot end around the waist with the cinch cord, joining the buckles, and adjusting to your comfort standards. This is perfect for wrapping around a hammock on a cold night and snuggling in accordingly. This heat trapper is ideal for any frozen expedition. 

Outdoor Research Stormtracker Heated Gloves.

5. You’re out in the field, it’s cold, it’s damp, and there’s no stopping Mother Nature for the next couple months. There’s really no place better to turn to than the Outdoor Research Stormtracker Heated Gloves. These gloves are the perfect lovechild of breathable, wind stopping, water resistant, and quick drying. The fact that they also incorporate ALTI Heat technology is just an added benefit to the leather palms and TPU injected mold design at the back of the hands. Skiing, Ice Climbing, and Alpine Climbing are no stranger to these replacement hands and while they sound like like something too good to NOT be bulky, think again because these gloves are only about the same size of an average winter glove. The battery is rechargeable, the heat settings are customizable, and they even come in a mitten version for less technical activities. Once you get accustomed to these, you’ll never understand regular gloves again.

All of these tools are perfect for your active, outdoor, “you can’t stop me just because its cold” lifestyle. Check out the related blog, “6 Reasons to go Hiking in Winter” and remember to enjoy the last couple months of cold!

– Genna @ ACK

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