Gift Guide

Once again, it’s the annual holiday gift hunting season. Finding the right person the right gift with the perfect mixture of odd and practical is not an easy task. We get it. That’s exactly why we want to make the hunt as easy as possibly for you!

Cue the 2014 ACK Gift Guide to make shopping for those impossible people possible. From kids to kayakers and campers to canoeist, navigating our gift guide for outdoor gear is more than just easy – it’s enjoyable.
We took out the shopping stress so your gifts can be the best. Check out a few of my favorite items from the gift guide below!

Lifestraw Gift GuideLifeStraw Personal Water Filter

Trying to find that little something for that outdoor uncle is always tricky. Luckily the LifeStraw, the personal water filter, isn’t a trick. It’s legit. This incredibly lightweight and compact water filter is a backpacker’s necessity. Drinking clean water is kind of important. Agreed? Agreed. This is an award-winning filter that has no moving parts, uses no iodine, and reduces waterborne bacteria by 99.9 percent. That, my friends, is a safe gift.

Railblaza Starport and Rod Holder II29435_700

Fishing for a gift for a fisherman or fisherwoman is like casting a line – sometimes it’s perfect and others not so much. The bait that will get them more hooked on fishing is the Railblaza Starport and Rod Holder II. This holder is compatible with baitcaster and spinning reels, along with off shore and fly reels. Basically, it’s the real deal. Plus, the Starport feature makes this compatible with all Railblaza accessories. So setting yourself up for future gift ideas is always a plus. Good thinking. Great catch.

Grand Trunk Hammock Gift GuideGrand Trunk Hammocks

Just when you thought hanging around couldn’t get any better… it did. Grand Trunk hammocks are dedicated to support those who live to hang out. Made with parachute nylon material, triple stitched seams and a 400-pound weight capacity, it’s tough enough to support your loved one plus one. That’s you, of course. It conveniently packs up to the size of a softball so storage is never an issue. Whether they’re hanging in the forest or hanging in the backyard, Grand Trunk hammocks are waiting to hang from your Christmas tree.

Ocean Kayak Venus 11 Kayak PackageVenus 11 Package Gift Guide

So fellas – you enjoy being on the water. You love your own kayak and would like her to have her own too, right? We hear you. Have you thought about getting her a kayak that is designed for women by women? Oh yeah, she’ll enjoy that. The Ocean Kayak Venus 11 is designed to respond to women’s center of gravity. Stability and maneuverability make this ideal for casual kayaking. With this package deal, she gets her own 10 foot 8 inches Venus 11 kayak, plus a comfortable NRS Vista Personal Flotation Device, along with the durable Bending Branches Whisper paddle. Then you earn the thoughtful credit you deserve. All in all, that’s a deal.

-Vincent @ ACK