MAX Seat
Ride 115 MAX

Wilderness Systems upgraded their kayak seating in a big way with the newest addition to their Ride kayak series. They recently launched their brand new Ride MAX series featuring the Phase 3® AirPro MAX high/low seating system. In their recent press release Wilderness Systems says “The AirPro MAX preserves the popular innovations found in most Phase 3 seats- adjustability, comfort features and high-quality materials- yet it is a true advancement in design.”

MAX Seat
In Low Seat Position

“Made in the USA, with years of design and innovation and extensive testing, the Ride 115 MAX, Ride 115X MAX and Ride 135 MAX all featuring the Phase 3® AirPro MAX Seat are game changing for anglers of all skill levels. Wilderness Systems’ Pro Staff anglers were an integral part of the Phase 3® AirPro MAX design process (…) The contributions and feedback from the Pro Staff are reflected in every aspect of the seat, from the easy adjustability and installation to the premium durable materials used to build it.”

A few features of the Phase 3® AirPro Seat that really make it stand out include the option of three different seating positions: high, low, and recline, its height, which improves the ability to change from sitting to standing and back, the breathable mesh fabric that stays cool, dries quickly and is UV resistant and the easy to adjust seat positions giving you the ability to adjust your seat without having to un-clip or loosen straps. Another fun feature of the MAX seat is that it can double as a comfortable chair outside of your kayak saving you from having to lug around a camp chair.  All of these upgrades add up to make an exceptional seat for kayak anglers and paddlers alike.

The AirPro MAX Seat is available now for all new Ride kayaks, and fully functional/retrofittable in existing Rides produced for model years 2012 and newer. Check out the Ride 115Ride 115x, and the Ride 135  with the MAX seat option or upgrade your ride with the AirPro MAX seat, now available at



  1. The new Max seat sits higher in the low position that the original low seat. This makes your center of gravity higher and less stable than the low seat. New seat should have the same low position that the original had.