proangler14-action-rob-wendle-smallie-60-full 2With kayak fishing growing in popularity by the minute we thought it would be a great idea to ask our seasoned kayak anglers to provide some advice and tricks for the those looking to get started. So we took to our Facebook wall and asked our followers to give us the best piece of advice they had and boy did we get a response! By far the most popular piece of advice given was to invest in the best PFD you can afford and wear it while on the water; safety should always come first! Coming in second was all new kayak anglers should also take the time to familiarize themselves with their gear and kayak as well as check the weather forecast before setting out on their first kayak angling adventure. Below is the complete list of advice we received from our fans. With all of these tips and tricks a newbie will turn into a pro in no time!

  • Buy the best PFD you can afford and ALWAYS wear it
  • Always check the weather forecast 
  • Keep everything tied down
  • Learn how to self rescue
  • Buy a sit-on-top kayak for easiest kayak fishing
  • Test a bunch of kayaks before you buy one
  • Tie down what you cant afford to lose
  • Dont use your anchor in fast flowing rivers
  • Look both ways before crossing an intracoastal
  • Be anchored or tied off- big fish will pull you around!
  • Learn the paddle strokes
  • Know your physical limits
  • Find a seasoned yak angler who is willing to take you on several trips and teach you the ropes
  • Rent a kayak first to see if it is for you (ACK rents too!)
  • Always check the tides in the marshes
  • Buy a decent cooler
  • Get the lightest paddle you can afford
  • Develop some patience
  • Prepare a float plan
  • Have fun and enjoy the day whether you catch a fish or not!

Think we missed something? Comment below with your piece of advice and let us know!

-Dayvee @ ACK


  1. Hi. I am a retired fishing from Lake Ontario N.Y. Safety on the water is always first. Therefore along with a whistle you should you should have a flare gun you can be found easier. Be safe Capt. Jim

  2. 1. Pack light take only essentials tackle until you have developed a proven pack list for tackle and gear
    2. Hydrate,hydrate,hydrate sodas do not apply when hydrating
    3. Sunscreen,hat,mask sunglasses
    4.Drybag extra quick dry pants shirt,socks ,you never know.