Not since ICAST 2009 has a kayak won ‘Best New Boat’ AND ‘Best in Show’.  Old Town came into ICAST 2014 with their guns blazin’ as they showed off their tricked out Predator XL Kayak. This boat has plenty to show off and definitely deserves to be at the top of the kayak fishing food chain.

Old Town Predator XL


The Old Town Predator XL Kayak might be a game changer for the sport of kayak fishing.  Having the ability to use a trolling motor on your kayak is nothing new, but the way Old Town incorporated the motor into the boat design is revolutionary.  I know its in the back of every kayak tournament anglers mind…can I use this kayak in a tournament? Will they be allowed? Will there be separate tournaments for motorized kayaks?  The fact that these questions are coming up and the fact that we are now considering the possibilities of advanced motorized kayaks is a clear sign that the sport of kayak fishing is continuing to evolve. Somewhere between a bass boat and a kayak is the perfect bass boat/kayak hybrid, the question is, who will get there first?  The Predator XL  is definitely one step closer. Check out more details and the specs for the Old Town Predator XL here.

ACK would like to send a BIG congratulation to the Old Town team! You have definitely evolved the sport of kayak fishing.

Check out the pic below of the Old Town team showing off their awards for Best in Show at ICAST 2104.

Predator XL Best in Show
Predator XL Best in Show






    1. Hey Carl,
      There are multiple reasons as to why the motor on the XL is substantial. One being that there is a USB port on the motor so you can charge your phone or other electronics. The others being that the XL carries multiple extra features as well as having a wiring configuration that enables the entire motor to be pulled out at once. Hope this helps!

      -Dayvee @ ACK

    1. Hi Greg! The MK stands for the brand new saltwater grade Minn Kota motor that comes as an option with the Predator XL. The XL’s Minn Kota Console system is a fully enclosed modular unit that provides fast and convenient plug and play performance. It includes a speed dial with forward and reverse functions not available on many other hands free boats, battery level indicator, USB charging port, sonar mounting plates, as well as battery and cable storage for sonar equipment and other gear. The Consoles’ Quick-Kick Stand™ allows the user to lift and stow the motor unit with one hand and lower it again with the flick of the foot, an inspired technology that helps avoid prop collisions with water hazards. Users can also quickly raise the Console to clear away weeds and debris. They also have two other console systems that can be used in place of the MK however the MK is Predator’s latest and greatest. For further details check out the Product Description and Specs section at here.

  1. There is not room for rods with the consoles. that is not to say a small rod wont fit to one side or the other but with the front wall of the cockpit and the consoles, it tough to get a rod in there. Yes, I had my hands all over this boat…..

    1. Thanks, the lack of rod storage is a small trade off for the ability to lift the motor in seconds. I owe my thanks to the many hands on people who, with a hands on approach, became “HANDY!”

  2. They make a plug to put where the trolling motor hole is so if a tournament does not allow the motor you can pull the motor out and use the plug instead. It goes both ways.

    1. Yea!, I was wondering if, they had any room around the motor plug hole, inside of the kayak, for fishing rods or a light pole with a flag on it or just a paddle for storage while trailering . We need to see inside that yak! sorry ,I was not more clear.

      1. We are wondering the same thing, we haven’t touched one yet so it is tough to say, my gut says there isn’t enough room but the other side says it would be silly to not have made room. We will update everyone once we figure it out.

          1. On the ICAST live video, they open the front hatch, you just can’t see inside ,because it is dark. Maybe the team answering the questions knows the answers. Thanks

      1. Thanks , the other question is can you fit rods through the front hatch or does the motor well make this impossible? I could not tell from the live feed! Thanks Again!

        1. Sorry, not sure at this point, we don’t have enough information ourselves, we will know in early August when we get our hands on one. My gut says no.