Ever since YETI made its debut in 2006, it’s secured a cult-like following amongst avid outdoorsmen and the casual beverage drinkers alike. At first glance, they may seem like just another cooler. But the second you begin using one, you know it’s anything but ordinary. YETI coolers look and feel sturdy, they are mega strong, and they do an amazing  job of keeping your food and drinks ice cold for a very long time. You may be wondering, “What kind of magic is behind this?”

Look no further, we present “The Science Behind a YETI:

Built For The Wild

What exactly makes a YETI cooler so strong? It all starts with the manufacturing process of the shell itself. Just like your kayak, YETI coolers are roto-molded, rendering a impact-resistant product that has no seams and offers long-term durability. Your YETI can take a serious beating: Go ahead and drop it, kick it, stand on it or sit on it. A Yeti will not fall apart at the seams.

Here’s proof:

YETI Coolers Commercial | 500 lb man vs YETI from YETI Coolers on Vimeo.

Latches, hinges and handles are usually the first things to fail on most coolers, but the guys at YETI didn’t skimp on the details. The T-Rex™ lid latches are the same latches used to secure hatches on ATVs and the YETI NeverFail™ hinge system consists of a full-length, rust-proof aluminum rod integrated into hinge stops which are molded into the lid. The handles themselves are virtually indestructible and the plug has a story of its own, because we all know one of the worst things that can happen is a busted latch.

Keep Ice Longer 

While durability is a definite advantage, it’s the ability to do what coolers are meant to do— keeping your food and drinks cold and fresh— that has pushed these products into the limelight. YETI Coolers use up to 3″ of pressure-injected commercial grade polyurethane foam in the walls and lid to make sure your ice stays ice all day long. Let’s just say if your ice isn’t cold, your ice is broken, not your YETI.

yeti kayak

Lock It Up

Ever come back to your cooler after thinking you closed it to find that it has been open for hours, leaving all your drinks warm and food mushy? Fear no longer! The YETI cooler doesn’t just close – it seals. The full frame, freezer-quality gasket circles keep your lid shut tight and the cold sealed in so you don’t have to worry about warm beer ever again.

Already Have A YETI Cooler?YETI Rambler

Check out YETI’s Ramblers. This tumbler is there to solve the age old annoyance of less than frosty beverages when working away from a freezer all day. YETI over-engineered their Ramblers with kitchen grade 18/8 stainless steel and double-wall vacuum insulation to ensure that you never come back to a less than amazing beverage again. These will keep ice 2x longer than your average plastic tumbler and will keep those hot beverages scalding for you during the winter months. What more could you want?

We invite you to browse our complete line of YETI coolers and accessories. Don’t need one yourself? They make awesome gifts. Who wouldn’t want a bear-proof cooler?