Dell Childrens Hospital Fishing Event ACK Dell







_DSC4965Two weeks ago ACK was able to participate in the annual Dell Children’s Hospital Fishing Event hosted by Cody Greaney, TJ Greaney and Chris Roberts from the Texas Outdoor Zone at the Dell Children’s Hospital in Austin, TX. This event has been held for the past 6 years and continues to grow rapidly each time. The main purpose of the event is to introduce the children in the hospital to the world of fishing and get them outside when they may otherwise not have the opportunity. This year there was a catfish pool where the children were able to go fishing, a Cabella’s tent complete with fishing rods to giveaway, and of course our own ACK tent with 2 kayaks and a kiddie pool filled with mini kayaks. Each kayak had a number that corresponded with a bucket filled with prizes. The grow-in-water bugs were by far the fan favorite!

_DSC5088 _DSC5111







Around 9 am the kids and their families started filing out and their happy smiles were enough to wake everyone involved right up! They excitedly went for the various games and the catfish pond to collect their prizes and trophies. When they would make their way to the ACK tent they_DSC5523 would carefully choose their kayak and gleefully pick from the bucket of prizes matching the number they chose. Princess tattoos, ninja turtle bouncy balls, and grow-in-water bugs were all the rage at the ACK tent! Their faces were priceless as they walked away with their new toys to join the other tents including Cabella’s for fishing rods, The Kids Outdoor Zone for bracelets and Yo So Cool FroYo for a tasty treat. After all the fishing festivities, a few Navy Seals came in and parachuted down to the event where the children were able to try on their helmets and pose for pictures.

Watching the children learn to cast a line and see their faces as they caught a catfish was easily one of the best parts of the day. There isn’t anything much better than making a child’s day and the Dell Children’s Fishing Event was definitely _DSC5226one of those events that accomplished just that.

If you are interested in volunteering or donating next year, please contact Cody Greaney at