by Mike Garcia, an avid kayak angler and paddling cinematographer who you can find on YouTube or at

Not too long ago I picked up a new Malone Scupper Cart and I’ve found it’s made it easy to transport my gear-loaded Predator kayak. Just a reminder that the Predator kayak is quite heavy at 82 lbs and that’s before adding your gear. The Malone Scupper Cart is a great solution for this and very easy to use.

Here’s a short demonstration of the Malone Scupper Cart in action.

Purchase the Malone Scupper Cart here.



  1. Hey Mike. I like the idea of Kayaking, but just not that brave. I stand, instead, on the shore fishing. Can you contact me, please. I have gear that I would like to discuss with you, I think you may find it interesting.
    Best, Marcos

  2. I had asked Old Town about using a cart that utilizes the scupper holes and they said not to use that type of cart. They claim that it stresses the scupper holes and could possibly crack them.

    1. Hey Travis,

      Old Town is right in the sense that improperly using a cart that utilizes scuppers can cause damage to any kayak. If the cart has not been fully inserted into the kayak’s scupper holes before putting the weight onto the cart, damage can occur to the scupper holes as this will cause cart to dig into the plastic around the hole area. In a worst case scenario this could result in cracking. However, you should not be worried about this cart damaging your kayak when used properly.