Reposted from the Forum. Trip report comes from Club Captain Steve Mullins, AKA Crazy Yak, who took a fun trip along the Texas coast just south east of Houston in a pair of Hobie sailing kayaks.

Sporty SailingMy family and I met up with Bob and Kathleen and sailed from Kemah to San Leon. After launching at the Kemah boat ramp our destination was Bubba’s Shrimp Palace (

The weather conditions, sailing, and food was excellent. We beached our sailing kayaks inside the protected dock in front of the restaurant.

Short video shortly after leaving Kemah:

Our total distance sailed was 16 miles and took only 2 hours with a max speed of 9.2kn / 10.5 mph. With water temps in the mid-50′s the proper exposure protection was required; waders with dry paddle jackets did the trick and we almost stayed dry. On the return we sailed against whitecaps with a crosswind, definitely sporty conditions! Reefing the sail to about 50% made for a smoother and drier ride.